Wrestle Review: 25
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 01/19/2018 at 10:36 PM

Monday night is the 25th anniversary show of Monday Night Raw. What's crazier than 25 years of Raw is that I remember that very first episode. Below, I'll give my account of it, from my point of view.

I'd been a faithful viewer of Prime Time Wrestling since the show began. Well, to be truthful, my faithful viewership began when I discovered the show. See, I was 7 years old when Prime Time Wrestling premiered in 1986. In those days, I recorded the show on videotape. See kids, videotapes are these rolls of tape on the inside of a hard copy cassette.

Anyway, I wore tapes out recording the show. I had to record the shows most times because I had night classes on Monday's. What I thought was cool about Prime Time Wrestling was the panel, which almost always included a special guest: one of the biggest superstars of that era. And you never knew what might happen.

They'd throw it to taped matches until it was time for break. Then they'd come back to said matches. They'd have one main event match, sometimes two. The show, if I recall, was one hour and then two. Jack Reynolds(Who?) and Jesse "The Body" Ventura were the hosts. It would evolve into a roundtable of various WWF personalities of the day. It was quite the show and was only replaced by what would become the flagship show of WWE, Monday Night Raw.

January 11, 1993 was the debut episode of Monday Night Raw. Check out the card on the debut episode: Yokozuna defeats Koko B Ware, The Steiners defeat The Executioners(Duane Gill & Barry Hardy), Shawn Michaels defeated Max Moon to retain the Intercontinental Championship and The Undertaker defeated Damien Dimento in the main event. Only the Undertaker could put that jobber in the top spot over Shawn Michaels!

Did anyone have any idea that we'd still be watching Raw 25 years later? Were some episodes hard to watch? Darn right they were! WWE went through some pretty embarrassing phases. Remember when Mae Young gave birth to a hand? Oy! Remember the Ken/Katie Vick storyline? Dear God!

The 25 greatest moments of Raw special brought back some memories. I'm sure there were a few more I'd put on the list but it was just great to see all those classic clips again. I really can't wait to see what Raw 25 brings. We know we get Miz and Reigns for the I-C title. Even before the recent Reigns steroid allegation, I saw Miz regaining the title. Now, I definitely see Miz regaining.

What I'm looking forward to most is all the surprise(and not so surprise) guests. Triple H and Stephanie beat Jimmy Fallon in a lip-synch challenge. The stakes were: Triple H and Steph win, Jimmy shows up at Raw25, We also know Trish, Lita, Molly(I hear) will be there, as will Chris Jericho. Imagine if Kenny Omega also showed up to continue his rivalry with Chris in WWE. Imagine that Wrestle Kingdom rematch taking place at WrestleMania?!

Will we have a mind-blowing match or two? Perhaps a returning legend versus one of today's stars? This could be, should be, a very epic Monday night Raw! I really hope they don't screw it up.

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