Top 5 Performers Of 2017
Submitted by Justin Watry on 01/17/2018 at 10:01 PM

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Apparently, research shows that if you plug a bunch of stuff at the start of a column people will read it more than if it is placed at the end. Is that true? Not sure. We will find out in 2018 I guess. Here are links to click on or junk to check out...

The Resonant Complex - Fairplay:

NRW Match from June (featuring yours truly):

ApexCast (WWE discussion and much more):

Moses & The Hermit - Vibin':

There you go. Even if it is just a click and five seconds of your time, every little bit is appreciated. Never know? Might be the greatest five seconds of your life...only one way to find out!

My 2017

With the close of another year, I can honestly say that this was a great year. As many know, I crossed off a bucket list item of attending my first (and last?) ever WrestleMania in Orlando. First plane ride too for that trip. I made my anticipated return to NRW in June, which required a lot of work and dedication that only a few of you understand (video posted above). I lived up to my word of working out more and eating healthier. I moved to a new place. I was a groomsman for my buddy who married my younger sister in an epic week's worth of festivities leading up to their wedding. I got a new (and higher paying) job. I completed my first full length novel. Also, I met a whole bunch of new cool people. Big thumbs up there! In terms of columns, I admit I swayed at times from writing a lot. However, I still delivered AT LEAST one article per week and most weeks, much more than that - including one of my favorites columns ever entitled My Journey To Orlando! Feel free to Google that. Very good 2017 from yours truly.

My 2018

Truth be told, I don't really do the 'new year's resolutions' thing. I have things I want to do and set out to do, which is kinda the same idea but is still different. In my mind at least, it's different. I knew I was going to Mania in April 2017. I knew I was going to wrestle once again come summer time. I knew I was moving. I knew I was going to write my debut novel. I knew about my sister's wedding. I knew I had to eat better. I don't consider these new year's resolutions really. They are just goals or ideas to accomplish. Regardless of what you call them, I did them all and can proudly say that at the end of the year. Not to beat a dead horse from a column a few weeks ago, but I strongly urge everybody to follow the Nike slogan: Just Do It!

Whatever that may be. Eat better, Go to Mania. Get into shape. Text that longtime friend you lost contact with. Call the girl you have a crush on. Ask for a pay raise at work. Seriously, take a deep breath and go get it.

Best/Worst Of Columns

Predictably, my next dozen or so columns will be year in review garbage. Best Of This. Worst Of That. The usual. If you want my typical ramblings about wrestling and other stuff, you can find me on Twitter. If not, let's get to the 2017 lists!

Top 5 Performers Of 2017

5. Brock Lesnar
4. The Miz
3. Braun Strowman
2. AJ Styles

1. Roman Reigns - Calm down everybody. Wait for the rest of the awards to be handed out before you send me any hate mail. You will get the full picture in a week or so. Until then, go ahead and jump to conclusions. Here are my top five and why; Brock Lesnar may be part-time but is the Universal Champion and likely will be for a full year. Maybe more. In that time, he has been treated as The Beast and beaten everybody in his path. There's a reason he commands all the money and attention, while others don't. Bell to bell, he proved to still have "it" and just may not be done with WWE in 2018. The Mi, The Miz, The Miz. While I think it was a blunder in moving him over to Raw, like he usually does, the man made the best of a bad situation. Still makes you wonder what could have been had he stayed on Smackdown LIVE. Maybe even gotten the Jinder Mahal WWE Championship run? Braun Strowman busting out of his shell and becoming a player stunned a lot of people and shut up all his "fans" who bashed him for most of 2016. Interested to see what he does in the new year. My early prediction: Smackdown LIVE is in his future as the top face. AJ Styles, most will have him as number one. Like I said, wait for my full award selections before judging. As phenomenal as advertised and SHOULD be WWE Champ heading into Mania. The Big Dog gets my top spot. No doubt about it. Roman Reigns has brought inside the ring and outside the ring for years now. Seems he may FINALLY be getting his proper due from fans. He went nearly all of 2017 without a title (again shutting up his critics), lost more than his fair share of times and never faltered. The reunion with The Shield was great, and he has victories over The Undertaker AND John Cena this year. Clean. Nobody else can say that.


Not exactly major news, but I am happy to announce that I will be attending WWE RAW on March 5th in Milwaukee. Exactly one year removed from FastLane 2017 in the exact same building. Kinda cool timing. Tickets have been purchased (great seats), and the wheels are in motion for a fun evening!

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