Wrestle Review: New Year's Six
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 12/29/2017 at 10:32 PM

Something I would love to see wrestling companies(doesn't just have to be WWE) implement is a "New Year's Six" like college football. I'll use WWE as an example. Have all the Raw championships defended on the first Raw of the new year. Conversely, have all Smackdown championships defended on the first SmackDown Live of the new year. I know, that's a lot of title matches. I'll break it down.

Raw is a three hour show so they could definitely do this. The last Raw of the old year, have #1 contender matches for each championship where the winner of said matches goes on to challenge the designated champion the next week. Have battle royals, triple threat matches, shake it up. Or, you could have a drawing to decide one of the challengers. Just trying to throw some new ideas out there.

Since everyone is doing their own year-end awards, I figure why not give it a go. So, here we go with my first Year End Wrestle Review Awards:

My "That guy still wrestles?" award goes to James Elworth. Honestly, when he was in WWE, he only had a few matches. Those were early on. He upset AJ Styles to get himself off to a running/staggering start. Then he, wait, I'm sure there's something else. Well, he's most known for being Carmella's lap-dog. Until WWE "future endeavored him, of course.

My women's wrestler of the year goes to Carmella... Nah, I was just wanting to see who's still paying attention. Is there anyone more deserving than Charlotte Flair? I don't think so. Maybe Trinity, excuse me, Naomi, is a close second. When Becky gets back, I'm sure it'll be a 3-way race.

My most improved award goes to "Ska boy", Sami Zayn. Who would've thought before October's Hell In A Cell that Sami would fit so prominently in the landscape of Smackdown just a few months later? I. like many other fans, were begging WWE to turn Sami heel. When they did, my response was "YES! Finally"! I've had no problem with Sami's heel run. He's really pouring his heart and soul in it, too. You can tell. The stuff with he, KO and Shane is priceless. That leads me to....

I hope this time next year, I'll be giving Daniel Bryan the comeback wrestler of the year award. As is, I'm giving it to Braun Stroman. He also wins my award for Biggest Pop. Outside of Daniel Bryan, who else gets as big of a pop as Braun? When his yell comes over the P.A system, fans go insane. Why does Stroman get comeback wrestler? Well, there was the garbage truck stunt and the windpipe thing. But really, for me it was the Exotic Express thing. Who would've thought a superstar would come from that train wreck?

Tag team of the year goes along with tag feud of the year: Uso's vs New Day. I'm giving Jimmy and Jey the nod for tag team of the year because they're just consistently awesome!

My male wrestler of the year is AJ Styles. Why not Kevin Owens, you ask? He and AJ did have a great feud for the United States championship over the summer. AJ, however, went on to become a two-time WWE Champion. Kevin went onto get Sami Zayn over before eventually, I'm guessing, screwing him again and re-igniting the Sami vs KO feud. All the while AJ will be in the main event night after night.

I look forward to seeing what 2018 holds for all the wrestling companies. I look forward to the circus that is apt to be Chris Jericho vs Kenny Omega at WrestleKingdom 12 on January 4. What new stars will we see in 2018? What new champions will 2018 bring? I look forward to seeing what unfolds!

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