Wrestle Review: My List
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 12/22/2017 at 09:31 PM

Since Christmas is three days away, I thought should provide a wrestling wishlist.Vince and the XFL: why in God's name does he want to try this? Oh, he doesn't do well with failure. And the XFL was a colossal one.

Last year, I'd wish for the WWE to give the cruiserweight division a shot. This year, my wish is for the fans to give the division a shot. Sure, WWE puts their cruiserweight matches on pre-shows sometimes. Still, you have fans who go to the bathroom or get snacks during those matches. Hey, you gotta do it sometime. And it's not like SummerSlam has a commercial break. That said, the wrestling is actually pretty good. If WWE invested the time, they could get these guys over. Enzo has actually been a shot in the arm for the division.

I think they need another big name for the division, though. They had Sin Cara for a bit but he keeps getting bitten by the injury bug. Now their big thing is "who's going to stop the "Zo Train"? He has the gift of gab as well, which is good wherever you are as a wrestler.

I keep hearing that so-and-so is being used like somebody else should've. "Hideo Itami is being used the way Neville should've". People, a few weeks ago, you were euphoric that Itami was getting called up. Make up your minds. Besides, does him showing up one night helping Fin Balor mean he's been called up to Raw? Perhaps. We'll see.

I'm going to need Braun Stroman to get a run with the Universal Championship. You have him in the Rumble title match with Lesnar and Kane. I'm sure Lesnar is retaining again. Possibly Reigns or Cena wins the Rumble, goes on to Mania and dethrones Brock. A title run is my wish for Braun. The fans got on his side quickly.

With the news of Dean Ambrose needing bicep surgery, I guess (a) the Shield is on ice and (b) he and Seth won't have another run at the Raw tag titles anytime soon. How about an Intercontinental championship run for Seth? I used to think he'd eventually get a real shot at and win the Universal Championship. I don't think that will happen. Of course, that would mean Seth v Roman. Unless Roman loses the title. Who would he lose it to?

Miz and Becky Lynch should be returning soon, as Marine 405 is about done. We know from Becky's IG that her part is done. I say she returns to SD to seek her revenge on Absolution lite pretty soon. Carmella: she cashes in her briefcase on the Smackdown before an event and loses the title at said event. Nah, she has heat. Miz is on a USO tour, as I just saw on IG. As if I wasn't a big fan of his already. Now I'm even more of one.

What I wish for AJ Styles is that he holds the WWE Championship for quite awhile. Jinder Mahal? I'd be cool with him not regaining the title. I'm not saying his title run was a disaster. I just don't care to see a repeat. Not yet, anyway. Have him fight for a rematch. Don't just give it to him.

Here are the ones I'd love to see be gifted with "the ball" and/or a title run in 2018:
Cesaro: fat chance, I know. A guy can dream, can't he? Braun Stroman. I wouldn't be upset about one last run for Kane, as long as it wasn't a half year. How about moving Heath Slater to the cruiserweight division and giving him a run with the CW strap? Pipe dream, I suppose.

Those are just a few Christmas wishes I have for some of my favorites. As for all of you: Thanks for reading! Merry Christmas!

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