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Keep your eye on from now until December 25th. I have a bunch of "Naughty Or Nice" columns planned. Basically, it looks at a wrestler who had an iffy year and then tries to decipher if it was good or bad. Examples so far are Jinder Mahal and Baron Corbin. Good years? Bad years? Certainly a debate to be had either way. More coming soon exclusively on 411mania.

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Have you listened to my debut podcast appearance yet? No? You haven't? What are you waiting for? Not just to hear my soulful voice but for the topics: WWE, stocks, Survivor on television after 35 seasons, steroids, Flat Earth questions, and yes - lots of old school wrestling stuff! Lots. For my next one, I'd like to try a LIVE show with a call in number and such. Truthfully though, I have zero idea where to begin or what websites are best for that. Help? Here is my debut podcast appearance:

Thanks to Matt and D for having me on!

Star Wars: The Last Jedi - NON SPOILER REVIEW

I saw the movie on Thursday night. The theater was packed. Even by 1am, the parking lot was filled. Let me just say - that is VERY rare for this particular location. Not really busy, even for the blockbusters. Well, it certainly was for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. My buddy took a great photo in the lobby. Every single theater had a 'sign' above it for what was showing at the time. All but one was for Star Wars. Only Coco had one showing way in the back. The rest were for The Last Jedi, and yeah, all filled up. Ridiculously exciting atmosphere. The audience clapped and went nuts when the opening crawl came on the screen. Goosebump city!

Needless to say, I highly recommend going to a theater and watching. No spoilers here but please go watch it before some plot details do leak out. Memo to all heel wrestlers: I beg you not to try anything funny this weekend. Don't you dare...

WWE Clash Of Champions 2017 Picks

Kickoff Show Match: Zack Ryder vs. Mojo Rawley

Mojo Rawley as the HYPED guy does nothing for me. I am not a 'bro' nor am I from the east coast. That junk goes right over my head. Pairing up with Zack Ryder certainly doesn't help. You know what does work for Mojo though? Being the high school jock and cocky SOB who gets to party with NFL players and get all the women. That is a heel worth investing in. I like the attitude change and was adamant that HE turn heel and not Zack Ryder, despite rumors to the contrary. Mojo wins, cuts a passionate promo afterwards, and everybody whines and cries over Mr. Woo Woo Woo losing like it is 2012 all over again.

WINNER: Mojo Rawley

The Bludgeon Brothers vs. Breezango

Another dead eye shot from yours truly. The Fashion Files turned out to be a bust and is now toiling away on because the fans and writers lost interest...if there was any interest to begin with. The Bludgeon Brothers impressed me on Tuesday night for the first time since their reunion. The way they man handled those two fellas. Ouch. Poor guys. Hey, maybe WWE should sign one and have him beat AJ Styles next week! No, no, no...okay. Harper and Rowan win.

WINNER: Bludgeon Brothers

Owens and Zaynís Careers on the Line: Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens vs. Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura (Special Referees: Shane McMahon & Daniel Bryan)

Feels like a lot of heels might be winning on Sunday. That is okay. Some shows have a lot of faces win, and believe it or not, some shows have a lot of heels win. No real balance as many online love to claim. Really just comes down to the individual story lines and not the entire event as a whole. My guess is Daniel Bryan helps Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn win, thus keeping their jobs. Maybe on purpose, maybe by accident. Does not really matter. Shane McMahon turning heel and joining up with the Yep Movement makes approximately zero sense. Bryan? Well, turning him heel would be ridiculous on paper...but has been the tease for weeks now. Sadly, Shinsuke Nakamura and Randy Orton are background players here - just there to have two faces get screwed over. I suspect both will have a much larger role coming out of this show. Thankfully.

WINNER: Kevin Owens pins Randy Orton

WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match: The Usos vs. The New Day vs. Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable vs. Rusev & Aiden English

In my new column, I write about how no other team should hold the tag team titles right now but The Usos. I stand by that. The Rusev Day thing is fun but can only be repeated so many times. Unless it catches on to levels I don't understand. The New Day? Please stop. Please. Been two years of that stale nonsense and now we have pancakes because...I don't know. Another one of their many inside jokes that fly right over my head. Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin would be my second option, but even that is doubtful at this point. The Usos deserve their moment to end 2017.

WINNER: The Usos

WWE U.S. Championship Match: Baron Corbin vs. Bobby Rodde vs. Dolph Ziggler

All three talented. All three good performers. All three should be shining on the blue brand. All three are just thrown in this triple threat bout because that's just what we were told. As you can probably tell by now, I am not very excited for Clash of Champions. I have said that a bunch (on another website), and I finally figured out why: Survivor Series was its annual waste of time. The Raw vs. SD Live BS just puts everything on hold for a month and loses any and all momentum. I am fine with interbrand dream matches taking place. It is a great idea and one that can do wonderful things. Heck, just look at Survivor Series for that. What is NOT a great idea is making all of that revolve around this bogus brand battle for supremacy. Super transparent and does nobody any good. Brock Lesnar could not give two hoots about Raw. Charlotte Flair and Alexa Bliss? They just switched brands. The New Day were representing Smackdown? The trio just showed up on the show. Whatever. Nice to get back on track a little even if that does mean Clash of Champions has to suffer. Champ retains.

WINNER: Baron Corbin

WWE SmackDown Womenís Championship Lumberjack Match: Charlotte Flair vs. Natalya

Not a fan of the Lumberjacks idea. Just more people being thrown on the card. The Riott Squad should feel like outlaws and not be included. Have them invade or watch from the crowd. Something more sinister/devious than standing around ringside with others. Big MEH to this entire mess. Charlotte needs to get 5,000 miles away from Natalya and never look back. The fact that it took Ms. Flair more than ten seconds to beat Tamina last week was a sham. Charlotte wins, has a staredown with Ruby Riott, and boom! Next feud. That works. No more Nattie. No more Lana. No more Tamina. No more Naomi. Please. Is Becky Lynch ready to return yet?

WINNER: Wooooomens champion retains

WWE Championship Match: AJ Styles vs. Jinder Mahal

No explanation needed.


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