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Submitted by Justin Watry on 12/07/2017 at 12:31 AM

Podcast RECORDING Thursday December 7th

Unless plans change, I will be recording my first ever podcast in less than 24 hours. Around 7-8pm Thursday night. Topics from wrestling to movies to television to music to conspiracy theories to food to whatever is brought up - all based on the conversation at hand AND YOU!

Tweet, email, or comment below anything you would like to be discussed. Then listen in and hear what I have to say. Let's do this.

Quick Smackdown LIVE Thoughts

- Alright, it seems like Shane McMahon or Daniel Bryan are headed for a heel turn. Personally, I would NOT turn Bryan heel. A big blunder there. However, that is where the story is headed right now. Been acting way too suspiciously for awhile now. That being said, you have to think it will be Shane O Mac who turns in the end, even if it makes zero sense. Why would he align with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn after all of this? Or would those two then turn face? A double switch perhaps...

I have no clue. Just have to assume Shane or Bryan turns. I hope it is Shane, as his special guest referee/part time gig is getting a tad bit played out on the blue brand. Plus, the only reason to turn Bryan heel is if WWE knows he is leaving the company soon and they want to sabotage him on the way out. No way would they do that...right...?

- Shinsuke Nakamura is teaming with Hair Randy Orton. Fine. Whatever. Fills up some time until the Royal Rumble. No problem with that.

- The tag scene is getting interesting. Gotta gave it to Smackdown. Been a long time since I cared. The Usos and New Day can only fight so many times before I begin to move on.

- Mojo Rawley as a jock type heel who is buddies with Gronk is entertaining. Him as the yawn inducing HYPED guy means nothing to me. I am all for this new character.

- Charlotte should have beat Tamina in 30 seconds. Seriously. The Riott Squad had another solid week.

- Bobby Roode feuding with Baron Corbin and Dolph Ziggler for the United States Championship works. For now. I could argue all three need to be higher on the card. It is December though. Plenty of time before the REAL WrestleMania 34 build begins.

- Lots of teasing about Zayn and/or Owens being fired. Heck, at Survivor Series it was hinted at that a move to RAW was possible. My guess: Bryan helps them keep their jobs at Clash of Champions. Face turns, heel turns - we'll see...

Quick NXT Thoughts

- Kinda cool that Ruby Riott and Sonya Deville had a NoDQ match here. Nice to see them finish up their NXT feud here. One is on Raw, the other is on Smackdown. The outcome didn't truly matter. Riott lost a bunch during her tenure in NXT and was pretty much her thing in 2017, so I thought she would make the most sense to lose (again). She did. Deville won, and both can now go to the main roster.

- A "Soon" promo aired for a new talent coming to NXT. I won't spoil it for anybody but yes, I know who it is. The video was well done and gave quite the clue. Calling a spade a spade, I am pumped for this arrival. Should be good.

- A bit disappointed in the Andrade Almas NXT Championship celebration. It was just your typical heel promo as the valet stands there taunting fans. Zelina Vega needed to bring out party streamers, have balloons drop from the ceiling, have a musical performance and go the extra mile. Remember folks, this title win was out of left field and was 100% shocking. NXT will have to go the extra mile to make us believe in Almas as a main event act. We know he has the talent with Vega by his side; now he needs the full blown 'presentation' of a legitimate champion.

- Love the mini-tournament going on to crown a new #1 contender with Drew McIntyre out injured. Lots of possibilities. Very much a sports like feel, something NXT does very well. Everybody has a shot to win, and that is a great thing.

- The Undisputed Era still is not entirely clicking. Maybe it is the name that gets me?

- Excellent main event match. Johnny Gargano and Kassius Ohno - go watch this! If you have never watched NXT or have not been tuning in as of late, you missed out. Top notch stuff and the correct finish as well.

Ronda Rousey/WWE

Final subject for now: Ronda Rousey is said to be close to a WWE deal with her in-ring debut coming at WM34. Not exactly a shocker. Her 'imminent' signing has probably been agreed upon for months now. She has been training inside the squared circle for a good while. It is one of those big open secrets where people know what is going on but have to remain hush hush. Probably January time for some Mania hype. Whether by herself or with some MMA friends, she is money. Huge draw and a real wrestling fan. Bonus! An undefeated Asuka on RAW or Charlotte as Smackdown Womens Champion come to mind immediately as ideal opponents. Major dollars to be had for WWE in 2018 with Ronda Rousey.

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