Wrestle Review: It's About Time!
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 12/01/2017 at 09:25 PM

They teased it for weeks. This past Tuesday, it finally happened. Mojo Rawley turned on Zack Ryder. Going back to when Ryder was injured, I always thought Ryder would be the one to turn when he returned from injury. My only question is: do we still care? It was a marginally interesting story when Ryder returned I thought he'd give Mojo a false sense of security for a few weeks and then lower the boom. Cut to WAY later and we finaly get the turn just when not many, if any, seem to care. Way to go, WWE creative. I don't even think they push Mojo past mid-card.

I love the fact that they're putting over Braun Stroman as much as they are. Jim Ross mentioned on a recent Ross Report podcast that they may be overdoing it by having Braun on every single Monday night. While that could be a concern, I think the fans' pop is big enough to sustain any perceived over-saturation. I'm honestly thinking of getting a Monster Among Men shirt.

December 17 is Clash of Champions and Smackdown only has one match, the main event-AJ vs Jinder for the WWE Championship, revealed to us. Although I can probably guess the second match: Mojo squashing Zack. It's a good thing that show is covered under my subscription. I couldn't imagine paying almost $40-$50 for an also-ran scrub event.

Next week, I may be off. My family is taking a vacation and should be back Friday afternoon. That's a lot of wrestling to watch in a weekend! So if there is a column, it'll likely drop Saturday or Sunday. Until next weekend, ENJOY wrestling!

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