Wrestle Review: Return of the Authority?
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 11/25/2017 at 12:28 AM

Given things that have happened recently on Monday nights, I see a *groans* return of the Authority on the horizon. Raw won at Survivor Series, therefore Kurt kept his job. Don't be fooled into thinking this is over. They fed Jason Jordan to Braun Stroman this week. I figured that would end in disaster for Jordan. Kane showed up and injured Braun again. This will lead to...

Kane vs Braun Stroman again. They had a cage match where the ring imploded. Obviously they need to go bigger. Maybe an inferno match? Whatever they do, I bet (a) it'll be outlandish and, (b) it'll be the end of their feud. How much farther can they really go? It is nice Kane actually puts people over now. Well, except for Fin Balor.

Speaking of Fin, what's Vince's deal with him? You could say he doesn't like smaller guys. Yet, AJ Styles is a 2X WWE Champion. There's that whole thing about Vince not believing Fin is over enough. This has led to Fin having some fun with that perception online. That could or could not be wise. I would like to see Fin get one good run before they continue to dump all over him.

I would touch on Impact Wrestling but, for some reason, it didn't record this week for me.

I think the upcoming week should be interesting given where this Angle/Authority angle is going. Also, and this seems like too big of an item to be at the end of a column: Batista let loose on the Ross Report that he'd perhaps be interested in a WWE return at some point. Also, that Vince is on board. Think about the options this would open up: Batista vs Lesnar! Batista vs Stroman! And of course, we'd eventually get one more Batista and Triple H encounter. We'll see what happens.

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