Wrestle Review: Phenomenal!
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 11/10/2017 at 09:05 PM

New WWE Champion AJ Styles! That sounds good, doesn't it? Immediately, the speculation of what's wrong with Jinder began. Was he hurt? Was he under-performing? Was Vince not happy? While we don't know that answer, WWE wasted no time in addressing who was replacing AJ in the 5 on 5 Raw v Smackdown at Survivor Series. John Cena will now be the 5th man. So, what of Jinder? He's on the outside looking in, for now.

The way I figure it, Cena will probably be the sole survivor of the Smackdown team and in the process, earn himself a future title shot. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

AJ vs Brock at Survivor Series is a dream match. Honestly, can you tell me your excitement was at the peak for Brock vs. Jinder? Clearly, Vince's wasn't, either. Looks like the card will get tweaked some more. Word is Natalya will drop the Smackdown women's championship Tuesday night in Charlotte's hometown. I guess we'll see.

Being we just passed the 20 year anniversary of the Montreal Screwjob, I watched the '97 Survivor Series last night.I didn't remember that, as soon as Shawn was declared the winner, he got out of the ring and Gerald Brisco rushed him backstage. Bret spat at Vince, et al. There were actually two betrayals, but the Bret/Shawn one is the one that is the most historic. Nobody goes on about Goldust walking out on Team USA vs Team Canada. Who screws who this year? You'll have to wait for my Survivor Series preview column for my take on that one.

What do we see this upcoming week? Does Charlotte win the women's title, thus getting Alexa Bliss at Survivor Series? Will John Cena make an appendence on SD before Survivor Series? Can anyone on the Blue Team stop Braun Stroman? Even Super Cena? It should be an interesting week leading up to Survivor Series next week.

Why is Alberto El Patron(Del Rio) still employed? Oh, because it's Impact Wrestling and they're a desperate organization run by fools. That explains it. Sometimes, I say I watch Impact to feel better about WWE. Honestly, though, I'm a fan and I'll watch a lot outside WWE. That's not to say Impact is great or even good. I'm sure I'm not alone in my dislike of Alberto El Parton/Del Rio/Scum bucket, whatever.

Parting shot: If you haven't listened to Austin Aries on Talk Is Jericho, I suggest you do so. Great interview! You won't be disappointed with this one. Until next week...

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