The X-Factor: Bumps, and detours to Houston
Submitted by Victor Mariscal on 11/10/2017 at 02:47 PM

Putting aside for now the very forced narrative of Raw vs. Smackdown, Iím actually a little more excited now for this yearís Survivor Series. We all know how incredibly pigheaded Vinnie Mac is, but history has proven that he will course-correct if itís necessary.

If only he did it a little sooner.

I attended the September 26 Smackdown and I left feeling a little depressed. Around 3,800 were in attendance. Worst show Iíve ever been to. Again, it shouldíve happened sooner.

Letís be happy. Win or lose, getting a match with Brock Lesnar is no small thing. Recent history has shown that slotting in AJ Styles means great things. Could we see another Match of the Year?

The only concern I have is the length. Letís take a look the Beastís matches at 2017. His match with Goldberg was just under 5 minutes, which was necessary. Samoa Joe only got 6:25 not counting the beatdown. Strowman got 9:00. The 4-way at SummerSlam was 20 minutes only because there were four guys.

I know that Brock is supposed to be a Final Boss type who beats the shit out of everyone, but damn. Give us more than 10 minutes please.

I can see it now. AJ will spend a good amount of time getting beat up and suplexed to hell mounting a few bursts of offense. Then he takes Lesnar by surprise and comes dangerously close to pinning him. Heíll need two or three F5ís to do it, but Brock will win.

Or not. Brock is possibly on his way out. Who knows?

You could just hear Vinceís voice coming out of Corey Gravesí mouth when he mentions that Jinder Mahal is how a champion is supposed to look. The man is all over the place.

What do you expect? You go into business for yourself and there are bound to be consequences.

Were they wrong? I donít know. They had to sell for The New Day who are headed for a showdown against The Shield. So happy Roman Reigns is coming back. Instead, they deviate from the plan and wind up kicked off the European tour which also cost them some money.

Did they think Triple H would protect them? He didnít, or he couldnít. Helmsley doesnít have the pull people think he does or he mightíve done something about this.

And yet, would the wrestling world be a better place if he takes over WWE?

I missed the anniversary by a day, but thereís a fact about Montreal that sometimes gets swept under the rug. Triple H advised Vince to screw Bret. Jim Cornette only said it out of anger. HHH said it because thatís who he is.

If only the Curtain Call never happened maybe he wouldnít be so insecure about his legacy.

Vince McMahon pissed his pants ON THE AIR for the sake of his feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin. That was among many times he took one for the team. At 72 he got headbutted by Owens and got a head wound. Shane McMahon is 47 and still doing all manner of crazy shit, the kind he was doing in his early thirties. You wouldnít expect that from Triple H, certainly not from his egomaniac bitchy wife.

She had the gall to mess with The Rock, Chris Jericho, and Steve Austin during the Attitude Era. When she did, they would make her pay for it either verbally or physically. Now, she shows up and even Kurt Angle isnít immune to the emasculation she dishes out. Canít say itís a shock. Not even John Cena and Brock Lesnar escaped her wrath.

I read the comments. Whenever Cena is involved the arguments are usually the same. I got news for you. Attendance has been down lately. They couldn't even fill half the seats in my town where they usually do good attendance. They have to put butts in the seats and money in their pockets. Cena can draw. Rusev can not.

Donít mess with the X.

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