Wrestle Review: Transition
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 10/27/2017 at 09:09 PM

We're on the road to Survivor Series and that means storyline transition. Survivor Series will forever, at least until they get this "brand split" out of their system, mean Raw vs. Smackdown. We were going to get the Raw team last week but the #UnderSiege thing happened. Was anyone really thinking Raw would retaliate the very next night? Of course not. They'll wait a week for that. Now, the question will eventually be asked "who let Smackdown in"? I tell you who: Sami Zayn. At least that'd make for a cool story.

Since they're doing champion vs champion at Survivor Series, how about cruiserweight champ Enzo facing United Kingdom champ Pete Dunne? Because Dunne would destroy him, I say. But people would pay to watch Enzo get destroyed, right? Win-win.

After TLC, I was wondering how Kane would explain turning on Braun Stroman. His explanation of "because I'm the only monster in WWE" was predictable if not a little weak. Obviously we're heading for Kane vs Braun soon with Kane putting Braun over. I'm cool with all of that. They surely won't do Braun vs Kane at Survivor Series. After all, it's Raw vs Smackdown. Surely they can't drag that feud out until WrestleMania. Only problem is, there isn't a Raw exclusive ppv until March. They have to have some big Raw feuds. Why not this one?

Is WWE done with Fin Balor? Their booking of him is quite perplexing. He beats AJ Styles at TLC only to be squashed by Kane Monday. I know several fans who are basically fed up with Fin. At the same token, I know some who absolutely love him. The "Too Sweet" moment with AJ at TLC was for all us Bullet Club marks. That's it, though. Don't expect Bullet Club in WWE anytime soon, if ever. I don't think they want to officially do it. I just think if it didn't originate from Vince or Paul, they won't do it.

Jeff Jarrett has entered rehab. I'm sure I speak for every fan when I say I wish him well in his treatment. God bless, Jeff. We're all rooting for you.

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