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Submitted by Victor Mariscal on 10/10/2017 at 07:54 PM

ďYou have no idea what you started MizĒ.

If that feud were to have a tagline, that would be it.

We all knew it was coming, we were hoping for it for years, and now itís happened. I find it a little funny that the same people who wanted it are now up in arms.

Donít be too upset they pulled the trigger this soon. It was in Indianapolis where the Shield debuted, where the Shield fell apart, and where it came back together. Tell me that wasnít a brilliant move.

The attitude thatís been going around sounds something like this: ďIím happy that the Shield is back, butÖĒ. Ok, so maybe it wasnít perfect, but I sat through the Twin Peaks revival. I was in no mood to have my patience tested again. They did it on Raw and thatís just fine.

Itís an iffy move to put Strowman in there. Granted it took the three of them to take him out, but theyíve spent all this time building him up. They might be wasting it. Swapping out Dallas and Axel for The Bar was necessary. Instead of the Miztourage, they couldíve had Sheamus and Cesaro antagonize Reigns with Strowman and thus eliminated the need for Miz and his lackeys. Hey, whatís done is done.

There have been other factions who broke up and reunited. Letís look at D-Generation X who fell apart and reunited in í99. After the dissolution, Triple H won the WWF Championship, Chyna became the first Intercontinental Champion without a Y-chromosome, but the New Age Outlaws broke up but didnít go anywhere. As for X-Pac, well he won the Tag titles with Kane but otherwise coasted on the same DX formula.

Dean Ambrose won the Intercontinental title. Roman Reigns won the Royal Rumble. Seth Rollins and Ambrose won the Raw Tag titles Ė Reigns held it with Rollins in 2013 Ė and they both won Money in the Bank. Each cash-in led to landmark moments in and of themselves. All three of them have scored the United States and WWE Championships, with Rollins holding both for about a month before dropping the former back to John Cena.

So, thatís the lead story on Raw, letís talk about Smackdown.

Another fine example of Shane McMahon going above and beyond. He nearly wound up with a broken neck and a concussion in 2001. Heís 47 and diving off steel cages. Why couldnít Stephanie ďI only give a shit about meĒ McMahon and Paul ďIíll put guys over in a backhanded wayĒ Levesque be that committed?

I bring those two up for another reason. Something about all of this just screams ďAuthorityĒ. Last year, Triple H cost Rollins the Universal title and practically handed the red belt to Kevin Owens. Off-screen those two are pretty tight.

Stephanie was very displeased that her brother returned last year. KO headbutts Vince and she shows up. That was not random. Iím thinking the ex-Authority has Owens in their pocket and this is all a power play.

Thereís been serious talk of Triple H vs. Shane at WrestleMania 34. Now, I wouldnít normally advocate Shane winning a singles match, but this time I am. His brother-in-law comes off like an insufferable bore on the mic. I donít care how much dedication heís had. He isnít that great in the ring unless heís in there with the right people. Plus, heís the heel.

As I write this the 10/10/17 Smackdown hasnít aired. Sami Zaynís unexpected Ė and some will say welcome Ė turn has something to do with his past friendship with KO. It does make me think of Austinís heel run in 2001 when he allied with the very person who tried to end his career. Owens did some nasty stuff to Zayn.

Well, thatís it for now.

Donít mess with the X.

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