Planet Kayfabe: Shoot On The Shield Reunion
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Planet Kayfabe: Shield Reunion Thoughts

By: 'KCA' Paul Matthews | @PlanetKayfabe

Hello everyone and welcome. You've landed on Planet Kayfabe.

This past Monday night on Raw, we were greeted by The Miz and company which lead to Roman Reigns, which then lead to Dean Ambrose, which then lead to Seth Rollins. Effectively reuniting the "Hounds of Justice" themselves, The Shield.

Umm... yay, I guess.

Let me ask you, the intelligent NoDQ visitors and gorgeous Planet Kay-faithful, is this how you would have booked this shit?

At the risk of sounding like I'm just some smark who is never satisfied... As good as the Shield cliffhanger was last week to end the show, their official reunion could have been executed much better. It didn't even feel like a real reunion at first. What I mean by that is, they didn't feel like a unit. Not until later on when they attacked Braun Strowman which was reminiscent of their old attacks, but the first impression was, they all came out... as individuals, in their current singles gear, with their own entrance themes, on stage.

Is that how you imagined it would be or how you would have done it?

They should have came out to the Shield theme wearing their old get ups through the crowd like invaders rather than having Roman out there cutting a pointless promo to introduce his friends (even though those who watched the original Shield run saw Ambrose portrayed as their de facto leader, but I digress). That's what it came off as. Another mere attempt from WWE to get Roman a healthy babyface reaction. So, what do they do? Dial back the clock a bit and have him joined by two other fan favorites to reform a group that fans have fond memories of from 5 years ago.

While it's not unlike WWE to rush things or plan from the seat of their asses these days, it felt like this whole reunion was rushed and slapped out there for promotional shilling. Instead of having Roman introduce his buddies on stage and already taking out The Miz and then come out later on all wearing freshly pressed WWE Shop t-shirts that the company was advertising on Twitter throughout the show, all they really needed to do was give the fans the Shield imagery of old. Hit the old music, pan the camera on stage for a moment, then have another camera moments later spot the trio up in the crowd in their full Shield attire, while the heels flee the scene.

That's all they really had to do and it would set up more to come later when they could do the Strowman spot, which I do think was a well-done segment, sans them sporting their Shop Zone tees like a bunch of corporate shills. I mean, come on. They're supposed to be f***ing ruthless 'Hounds of Justice'. Not D-Generation X in 2006.

Maybe it's a sign that this reunion is short-lived much like the Evolution reunion that happened right before the Shield broke up last time. It's not all lost. Like I said earlier that segment later with Strowman was very good, but next week we need more of that old Shield imagery because tonight it just felt like Roman was joined by Seth and Dean and not a true unit reforming. I know they want to sell those new shirts, but come on. Get the old gear on and do it right. That first impression though really mattered and I think the WWE swung hard for the fences and got a solid bloop single.

If you're reading this and thinking I'm being unfair and you're like "ugh, KCA why don't you just enjoy it" and "ugh it's just wrestling stop taking it so seriously" and "ugh just be happy The Shield are back" let me put it in a different perspective. Imagine if the nWo was coming back. Pretty cool, right? Hogan, Hall and Nash. Pretty big deal. Only instead of the screen going black and white and the iconic nWo theme hits, you get Hogan coming out in his Hulk gear, then Hall comes out to his Razor theme and then Nash comes out to his Diesel music and none of them are wearing the black and white nWo shirt. Would it still feel like a reunion or just some idea they quickly threw together just to see how it went over with the crowd and maybe make a quick buck in the process?

Of course I'm not entirely writing off this reunion after one show and again like I said because it bears repeating for those who are going to think I'm just being negative because I need a reason to bitch about something, their later segment with Strowman was almost perfect and hopefully leading up to the Tables Ladders & Chairs PPV we see more of that (lay off on the camera zooming next time Kevin Dunn).

My main gripe is that with a little more planning and a couple more subtle changes this reunion of sorts could have been much bigger and felt more special than it actually was and it's a shame because the faction deserves that. Fans for the last 3 years since the stable broke up have been fantasy booking in their minds a possible Shield reunion and I don't think many had it drawn up quite the way WWE did it which in my opinion felt rushed and lacked substance. I mean, come on after all these years The Shield buries their old grudges and reunites to take on The Miz-tourage?

Ask me again, why I think this felt like nothing more than another corporate forced vehicle to get Roman Reigns over and to sell some new shirts.


There's my thoughts on the Shield reunion from this past Monday Night Raw. I'm glad you could join me again. If you have a question, comment or an idea for a future column, hit me up on Twitter @PlanetKayfabe

Hey, if you disagree with me and think this reunion was the best thing you've seen all year and it was masterfully executed, I'm welcome to hear your thoughts whether you want to contact me personally or just leave a comment below.

As for the rest of Raw. It was a fine show. Your typical above average Raw in the 3 hour era. Had its highs and lows. The 2nd Shield segment being a high and Bray Wyatt's Sister Abigail segment being a low. Ugh... What a shit show that was. Finn Balor has to sell fear and put this over as a serious angle while the entire crowd is rolling their eyes and blushing with laughter.

Until next time, I'm Paul Matthews for Take care, everyone.

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