J Says: HIAC 2017 Thoughts
Submitted by J. Elam on 10/09/2017 at 01:00 PM

1. Usos vs New Day - These guys took it to another level. This match was quite literally Hell in a Cell. No shortage of weaponry used, as I think just about every offensive move involved some kind of foreign object. Usos weapon of choice were the kendo sticks. They just wailed away at poor Xavier. Liked the creativity where they handcuffed him to the ringpost. Big E wasn't safe from them either. One of the Usos actually broke a kendo stick in half on Big E's back. New Day broke about 2 trombones on Jey Uso. One thing that surprised me was that Kofi didn't get involved. Thought for sure he'd find his way into the match somehow. Usos pulled out the tough and hard fought victory. 5 time tag champs now. Sure are getting up there. Ain't no way all 4 guys aren't sore everywhere.

As much as these matches are fun, can we please get away from Usos/New Day?

2. AJ Styles vs Tye Dillinger vs Baron Corbin - Started off well, then went boring for about 10 minutes, then picked back up again towards the end. Wasn't a bad match overall. Didn't see Corbin winning the US Title. Figured Styles would retain. But I suppose now they can move Styles into the main event scene as Jinder's next opponent. Let's see what Corbin can do as far as being champion is concerned.

3. Natalya vs Charlotte - Nattie worked Charlotte's leg for a large portion. Based on that, I'd have expected her to tap or have the ref decide she can't continue. Rather than continue to wear down Charlotte's knee, she opted for a DQ via chair. Had Charlotte won, that's where Carmella cashing in would have made perfect sense. But she wasn't even on the show for whatever reason.

4. Jinder Mahal vs Shinsuke Nakamura - I don't see why after all this time, the refs don't ban the Singh Brothers from ringside before the match starts. Everybody knows they're going to interfere in some fashion. Literally every match of Jinder's reign, they've interfered. Even the powers that be (Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon) haven't taken any precautions to prevent their interference. It's beyond tired. A smart move would've been putting them in the Cell to keep them out. Let's see Jinder win a match on his own. It's like they're trying for the Seth Rollins/J & J Security, but it's not working at all. Fans couldn't care less about Jinder as champion.

5. Kevin Owens vs Shane McMahon - I call this the Shane McMahon Special. He jumps off stuff and gets back up. I really feel for Kevin Owens having to sell Shane's punches. It's embarrassing to watch. Can't imagine having to make them look good. Shane got winded (as per usual) shortly after the match started. Can't have Shane in a match like this without him going atop the structure. And lo and behold, they fought on top of the Cell. But not before Owens teased a Frog Splash from the top onto Shane lying on the announce table. I did notice the referee didn't follow them to the top. What if Owens went to pin Shane after the Pop-Up Powerbomb? He couldn't have made the count.

The last 10-15 minutes were really exciting though. But the icing on the cake was when Shane went for his Miracle Elbow from the Cell, only to miss Owens on the announce table. Sami Zayn was hiding somewhere, and pulled Owens at the last second. Then he laid Owens over Shane for the win.

Very curious to see/hear Sami Zayn's response as to why he did that. I don't think this means a reuniting of their tag team, though. Maybe Owens got through to him during their talk a few weeks ago? It's not like Shane's ever done anything for Sami since he went to SD.

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