Wrestle Review: Going To Hell
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 10/06/2017 at 10:55 PM

This Sunday, we all go to a cell. So many puns ran through my head. I felt that was the safest one to put here. Here are a few things I expect may go down.

Shane and Kevin Owens are on the poster so, like it or not(and there is evidence people don't) Shane and Kevin in the cell will be the main event. So what there's a WWE Championship match? I'll get to that tired piece of business later. I think the reason Shane/KO is the main event is that we're getting a shocker. The way that Shane has been dismissing Sami Zayn's advice about Owens, I fully expect Sami to come to the ring towards the end of the match, enter the cell and screw Shane, turn heel and help Owens win.

In the kickoff match, Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin will beat the Hype Bros. Why? We must further the angle of the Ryder/Rawley rift. When will this turn actually happen? Surely it won't happen in a pre-show match. Right?

The show will apparently kick off with the return of the Fashion Files? I do wonder what this will bring. A new case? A new feud for Breezango? Or just comic relief? They are very entertaining.

Orton versus Rusev just feels like a match between two guys who are running in quicksand. Randy has been to the mountaintop so many times and Rusev has never even gotten a sniff. Another clean win here could, hopefully, change that. I'm not swayed, however.

Bobby Roode versus Dolph Ziggler is, well let's call it what it is: a setup to a big event debut win for Bobby Roode. I have no problem with that. It's just that it's obvious that Dolph's role is now that of the guy who elevates the new talent. Nothing wrong with that, I suppose.

AJ Styles defending the U.S. title against Baron Corbin should be a good match. I expect Styles to retain here. For whatever reason, Corbin is pegged as the latest "almost but not quite" guy. He'll get his due. Just not Sunday.

New Day and Usos in the Cell will be an absolute war! I'm expected Jimmy and Jey to regain the tag team championships after a savage match. These teams will obviously have another match. You know this "one last match" thing never pans out. The only question is: how will they top themselves? They always do.

Natalya defending the women's championship against Charlotte Flair will be another great match, I think. The next chapter in the Hart/Flair family feud lends itself to a rematch at some point in time. I say Natalya retains to make Charlotte eventually winning the championship that much sweeter.

Jinder Mahal defending the WWE Championship against Shinsuke Nakamura is a match in which I don't know what we'll see. I originally thought Jinder would retain. Then I read this supposed slip-up that says "former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal". That could just be juice to get people to watch the show, or for those who don't have the network to get it.

I'd like to see Nak win the title. Not so much because I'm tired of the Jinder experiment. I think the match should be in the cell. Then I thought "if the Punjabi Prison didn't neutralize the Singh Brothers, what else could"? All that said, Nakamura could win the title and Jinder win it right back in the next few weeks. I say Shin wins the championship Sunday. Ending the night with a screw-job and a Sami-Owens pairing would be a great move. I think this could elevate Sami if they chose to do this. I really hope they do.

Enjoy Hell In a Cell!

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