Wrestle Review: Where To?
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 09/29/2017 at 09:50 PM

I honestly thought Braun was at least beating Brock at No Mercy, albeit by DQ. They couldn't even do that. Fortunately, they made Braun look like a monster on Raw, destroying Curt Hawkins and, praise the Lord, Enzo. Honestly, I hate Enzo.

Does Braun v Brock II happen soon? It's going to happen. It almost has to happen. Who else do you put Braun in there with? Although, I really enjoyed Braun decimating Enzo and throwing him to the cruiserweights so they could whip him.

I have heard several fans say that Enzo actually gets more eyes on 205 Live. That may actually be the case. Think about it. People will tune in to see if the champion they hate finally loses the title. They'll tune in to just see said champ get beat up. Of course, I don't see Enzo losing that title anytime soon, much to the chagrin of most, if not all, fans.

Roman Reigns defeated John Cena cleanly. I just wanted to type that sentence out. Partly because I'm a little surprised it actually happened. I'm not a Reigns hater, as most are. I'm really not a Cena hater, again, as most are. I just wanted to see for myself if Vince was actually going to go through with it. He did and by all accounts, we've seen the last of John for a long while, if not for good. I mean, he left his armbands in the ring ala Undertaker after his loss to Reigns.

Roman Reigns beating Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship will happen sooner rather than later. To think they can wait until WrestleMania in seven months is unfathomable. Although, when you consider that Brock only shows up a few times a year, it's not really that inconceivable. It's just frustrating.

I sincerely hope Jeff Hardy gets well soon. I was thinking they might actually give Matt a singles shot. Then, Monday they team him with Jason Jordan. I hope that's just an infrequent thing. Who's to say what WWE will do?

The 2 Sweet controversy is something else. I'd say the Young Bucks aka "The Bucks Of Youth", will soon be in WWE along with the Bullet Club. Imagine this whole cease and desist thing being an angle. Triple H shows up on Raw railing against the Bucks. He keeps this up for weeks until they show up one Monday night to confront Triple H, only they brought some friends. This could re-ignite an invasion angle.

This next week should be interesting! Especially since we're just a week away from Smackdown's Hell In A Cell, headlined by Shane and Kevin Owens in the cell. But I'll talk about that next week.

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