J Says: No Mercy Thoughts 9/24/2017
Submitted by J. Elam on 09/25/2017 at 12:57 PM

1. Intercontinental Championship: Miz (w/ Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel) vs Jason Jordan - Didn't have high expectations going into this match, considering Jordan's boring as can be. But Jordan did give Miz a run for his money. Figured Miz would win through dirty tactics.

Jordan spoke post match, and it flopped HARD. He shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a microphone. He can't talk at all. No wonder they had Gable do the talking. Too bad they can't switch Gable and Jordan. At one point, Jordan tried to turn the "You suck!" chants for his dad, to Miz. Not even crickets would've made noise for that. Doesn't help that the crowd booed him the whole time he spoke. There's nothing worth cheering for. He's bland. And his acting isn't any better.

2. Finn Balor vs Bray Wyatt - Bray assaulted Finn before the bell rang. Bray taunted him until Finn came back to the ring. Bray did his crab pose as Finn was atop the turnbuckle. I'm not sure why Finn didn't hit the Coup de Grace anyway. Not like Bray could've avoided it, right? But for whatever reason, he didn't. I don't get why that pose still freezes people. It's not as though that pose sends people into a trance. If it did, maybe I could buy it, but it's just... there. But I did admire Finn's heart in fighting through the rib "injury" he sustained pre-match.

I hope this is the last of this feud. Bray claims to be the Eater of Worlds, but he sucks the energy out of most of his feuds. Everybody knows he's just gonna lose, so why take him seriously?

3. Tag Team Championship: Cesaro and Sheamus vs Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose - This match was better than I thought it'd be. Did like the spot where Cesaro swung Ambrose into the steps. Cesaro took a nasty hit when Dean slingshotted him into the corner. Cesaro ate the ring post and knocked some teeth out. Had a lot of blood coming out of there. But he showed a lot of toughness in fighting through the pain. He had Ambrose in the Sharpshooter, then switched to the Crossface when Ambrose got too close to the ropes. Smart heads up move by Sheamus for hitting Seth with the Brogue Kick to keep him from saving Dean. Then perhaps the spot of the night. Sheamus had Dean setup for the White Noise. Cesaro was seated atop the turnbuckle. Seth seemed like he was going for a Hurricanrana, but Cesaro caught him, and hoisted him up. Sheamus hits the White Noise, then Cesaro powerbombs Seth onto Dean. Well executed. One of the few times I'm OK with the "This is awesome" chant.

Really thought they'd do a title switch, but I'm not upset over Dean and Seth retaining.

4. Women's Championship: Alexa Bliss vs Sasha Banks vs Bayley vs Nia Jax vs Emma - Heading into this match, I figured Alexa or Sasha would walk out the winner. But throughout the match, Nia was made to look like a force to be reckoned with. She dominated the whole time. So much so, that it took all 4 of the other women to powerbomb her off the apron. At first I thought Nia was dropped on the back of her head/neck, but on a second look, her shoulder braced some of that impact.

Hell of a match. All 5 women did a fantastic job, but Nia was the clear MVP IMO. They all had time to shine and made it count. Could've bought any one of them winning. Except for maybe Emma.

5. John Cena vs Roman Reigns - Not a lot of build to this match. The main draw was 2 top guys facing off. Only, one of them was/is actually good all around. Gotta say, this match didn't live up to it's hype. Sure they're evenly matched, but the match never really got going. The kicking out of finishers stuff was overdone. 4 AA's, including both the Super AA and the roll-through AA, yet Roman still kicked out. Cena on the other hand, took 2 spears.

Crowd was hot for Cena, but not universal. I would've had Cena go over here, then Reigns in the rematch. Reigns winning seemed to suck the air out of the rest of the PPV for the crowd. Cena's supposed to be taking time off to film a movie, so I doubt last night was his (for now) exit.

6. Miz (and Miz-tourage) walked into Kurt Angle's office. Miz wants Roman Reigns for MizTV, and suggested he'll ask Roman about his old Shield mates. Angle said he liked the idea, and that MizTV would start the show.

There's Roman's next feud. I hope this doesn't lead to a Shield reunion. I want no part of that.

7. Cruiserweight Championship: Neville vs Enzo Amore -Match went on longer than it should have. Neville should've squashed Enzo in 5 min. Yet it went on for 10 minutes. Neville tossed Enzo near the timekeeper's area. Ref was counting, and then just stopped once Neville started talking to him. All because Enzo grabbed the title. Neville could've waited for Enzo to be counted out, then attacked him anyway. He should've been at least that smart. And... Enzo won?! And won by kicking Neville in the nether regions (how is that face behavior?).

I hated this finish so much. It's embarrassing that Enzo of all people is CW champ. I don't care how over he is. There's no reason for him to be CW champ. He can't wrestle. He's only good for one thing, and even that is losing interest. He's a walking catchphrase, just like Cass called him. Or the other way around. Whichever.

8. Braun vs Brock - Brock got gassed like 30 seconds in. Braun hit some of his signature moves, but Brock kicked out of all of them. I think he hit 2 Powerslams. Brock did the usual German Suplexes. And all it took to keep Braun down was a single F5? All that no selling, and THAT'S what Braun can't get up from? O... K...

I probably would've either done a DQ of some kind, or just tried Braun as champion.

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