The Booker Man - Factions and Stables
Submitted by Jeremy Edwards on 09/24/2017 at 01:07 PM

Been a long few weeks but it's time to get back at it with another edition of The Booker Man!

On this edition we'll look at factions or stables if you will. There hasn't been a truly dominant AND successful faction in the WWE in a looong time. I'm going to go over three that I think would make for good TV and that could possibly change the landscape of the WWE as we know it. So let's get started!

1. The A Listers: The Miz has been without a doubt one of the best heels in a while on RAW. The addition of The Miztourage gave another needed dimension to his character that while much needed wasn't really effective at doing anything other than getting Bo Dallas or Curtis Axel some much needed TV time. They don't contend for the tag titles and really their only purpose is to get beat by an opponent of The Miz or to interfere in his matches. What if The Miz were to ditch Bo and Curtis and take on the likes of The Revival and Neville. If they could all stay healthy standing side by side with The Miz would make for some very interesting TV. Can you imagine the power struggle between The A Listers and Kurt Angle? And an added twist on 205 Live wouldn't hurt either...

2. The Heyman Alliance: If Brock Lesnar does in fact go back to the UFC the best talker in the WWE would find himself with a lot of free time on his hands. Now those of us old enough or who may have watched old footage of Heyman will remember the brash, cell phone toting Paul E. Dangerously and his Dangerous Alliance. Put together a stable of people like The Bar, a returning Big Cass and Braun Strowman and you can turn RAW upside down by laying claim to almost every championship there is. And why Braun Strowman you may ask? Because Heyman saw weakness in Lesnar at SummerSlam and turned on him at No Mercy costing him the Universal Championship of course.

3. NXT: We all remember the Nexus and how badly that ended. Believe me, nobody wants to see that kinda garbage again! But what if the Kevin Owens beating of Vince was leading to something MUCH bigger. We saw Stephanie come to her dad's aid after the beating and after not seeing her since WrestleMania that was not a meaningless appearance. When Shane and Owens meet inside HIAC Owens should likely beat the hell out of Shane and when he doesn't stop the music we all know could play and it's time to play the game... Now most would think HHH would come to help Shane but what if he doesn't and just comes to beat him down some more? Stephanie comes out wondering what the hell is going on and HHH and Owens would leave together without a word. The following Tuesday Owens and HHH show up on Smackdown and tell everone they are tired of being held down by the McMahons, how HHH has created something far better in NXT and that they will lead a group that takes over Smackdown. The Authors of Pain, NXT Champ Drew McIntyre and Ember Moon along with Owens and HHH would make life for Smackdown talent a living hell. And the two people that would lead the charge to preserve Smackdown? An unlikely pairing of Daniel Bryan and Stephanie McMahon! Randy Orton, AJ Styles, Luke Harper, Eric Rowan and Charlotte sound like names I'd like to see fight the good fight.

Well that's it folks. Another Booker Man edition is in the books. If you like the column please post below in the comment section or shoot me an email at

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We'll see you all next time but until then, be good to each other. So long everybody

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