What Makes Steve Austin So Famous
Submitted by Steve Perry on 09/23/2017 at 01:42 PM

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin was perhaps the most popular Superstar of all time, so why was he unable to find Superstardom after his wrestling career, like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson? Austin could have, but I think his popularity is right where he wants it.

Looking at his personality, a rough and tumble life on the Broken Skull Ranch is more than suitable. While he’s made a few appearances on WWE TV since he retired in 2002, including hosting a rebooted Tough Enough in 2011. Austin’s legacy continues in WWE to this day. His prolific “What?” chants, now made by the crowd, are the de facto standard for some promos without Austin being mentioned at all. His prolific “Austin 3:16” quote from King of the Ring doesn’t even have the same legacy as the much-more-recent “What?” which he would interject in some of his promos and soon had the crowd do. Though Austin may not be one of the highest paid actors of all-time, he has still found success.

The Steve Austin Show has been extremely successful. His podcast and featured show on PodcastOne is second only to The Adam Corolla Show, which is one of the most popular podcasts ever. Austin’s podcast features interviews with celebrities and stars from the world of pro wrestling. Some episodes, as the Stone Cold Podcast are on the WWE Network which is full video and includes his chat with Vince McMahon. Though there hasn’t been a new episode on the Network In over a year, you can still listen to the Unleashed version of his podcast every Thursday and the regular version of the show every Tuesday. The Unleashed podcast is typically longer than the regular show, uncensored, and sometimes is a continuation over the Tuesday show, which is more family-friendly.

When he isn’t recording the podcast, he may be filming Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge or Redneck Island, both for CMT. In the first show, 8 male or female contestants have to deal with a head-to-head series of challenges to be the last one standing. That person then challenges The Skullbuster, a large obstacle course. If they set the best time, they are declared champion and win $10.000. Every subsequent person who challenge The Skullbuster and fails to beat the current champion’s time, If they can’t do that, or even complete it, then the current champion is awarded another $10,000.

The other show, Redneck Island, sees a man paired up with a woman competing in various challenges and ultimately facing elimination in “The Pit”. Teams can be mixed up via “The Pit” as faceoff in there is a split between men and women where the winners make a team. Though it hasn’t been officially cancelled, a new episode hasn’t aired since March 2016 and the show is no longer listed on CMY’s site,

Regardless of the future of Redneck Island, Austin still has plenty on his plate and lots of success. Though the Broken Skull Challenge doesn’t actually take place at Austin’s Broken Skull Ranch, he can record The Steve Austin Show from his own home, though they want to record The Stone Cold Podcast from WWE Headquarters in Connecticut. Maybe that’s why there hasn’t been a new episode in a long time. Or not.

Either way, this is the sort of fame that I think Austin wants. He doesn’t have the flashy persona that The Rock has so Dwayne Johnson has to work extra hard to maintain that. Not to say that Austin doesn’t work hard, but he doesn’t have to work as much. Not to mention he’s generally regarded as the top draw in the company’s history. This sort of fame fits Austin to a T. Austin could be a huge action star if he wanted to be. However. He doesn’t. While doing The Steve Austin Show, it’s clear how much he enjoys it and that he’s also a great interviewer. I’m sure that years of cutting promos helped. I can say, after doing podcasts for years, it helped a lot when I focused on casting… before my strokes that took away my voice.

Anyway, my point is that Austin is plenty famous outside of wrestling. Do you agree? Should I do anymore, similar articles? Sort of like a “Where Are They Now?” series? Feel free to comment for any reason.

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