Wrestle Review: Farewell to the Brain
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 09/22/2017 at 07:57 PM

Before I discuss No Mercy, I must speak on the passing of Bobby "The Brain" Hennan. As I type this, I'm watching the Bobby Hennan retrospective on WWE Network. Bobby was quite a character in and out of the ring. I just watched the match with Gagne where the loser had to wear a weasel suit. And the nickname "Weasel" was born.

Previously, I was more familiar with Bobby the manager than Bobby the wrestler. Sure, I saw him in the occasional special attraction match but I was 1 when he had his matches with Gagne, etc. Managing the like of the late Hall of Famer Andre the Giant, the Brain Busters, "Ravishing" Rick Rude and Mr. Perfect, that was my prime.

Bobby was one of the greatest personalities wrestling has ever seen or will ever see. He certainly paved the way for today's legendary talkers such as the most legendary, Paul Heyman. Rest in peace, Bobby "The Brain".

Speaking of Paul Heyman, Sunday, his charge Brock Lesnar heads into No Mercy to defend the Universal Championship against Braun Stroman. Like many others, I've been wanting to see this match for a long time. We finally get it Sunday. I knw there's some uproar about getting Lesnar/Stroman AND Cena/Reigns on a B event instead of a WrestleMania. Well, Cena is going to Hollywood again so it's now or never for this match. Because, in all likelihood, Roman will be challenging for the Universal Championship at WrestleMania.

For that reason alone, it doesn't really matter who wins this. It's not like a loss would plummet Reigns down the ranks. He lost to Stroman months ago. That didn't damage either guy.

The gorgeous goddess, Alexa Bliss-yes, I'm a fan- defends her title against Nia, Sasha, Emma and the returning Bayley. I know people have issue with Bayley being in this match as her first match back. I don't think she wins, though. In fact, I think she gets frustrated and attacks someone post-match.

Rollins and Ambrose defending the tag titles against Sheamus and Cesaro is a match that, I'll be honest, I'm not really looking forward to. It's not that I dislike Ambrose and Rollins. I guess they're just better as heels. It seems funny to say the tag champions are in a rut but... I don't really care who wins this match. For pickers sake, however, I'll go with the challengers winning the titles.

Fin Balor and Bray Wyatt in a SummerSlam rematch. "Let's put these two together. We got nothing else for them", is what I figure creative said while putting this one together. Bray ends this feud, hopefully. Jason Jordan and Miz for the I-C title...well, they seem very intent on making a star out of Jordan. Either he wins the title and the fans boo or he loses again, gets frustrated and turns heel. I say we get a new champion Sunday night.

This will be an unpopular opinion: I say Enzo Amore wins the cruiserweight championship. Clearly, Neville is the better athlete. Clearly, Enzo is the more annoying of the two. There is no plausible reason why Neville should lose that title to Amore. But, they're intent on making Enzo a singles star. Perhaps he wins the title and loses it in the mandatory rematch.

Sunday should be a lot of fun. It could possible be better than SummerSlam. Actually, I'm saying it will be. Call me a mark. Because, ya know, I am one.

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