Wrestle Review: Turn and Burn
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 09/15/2017 at 08:49 PM

There were major happenings on both Raw and Smackdown Live this week. Why is that a big statement? Because, let's be honest, usually it's either one show is good or both shows are bad. I'm not saying both shows were perfect but they were pretty close.

It took a bit for me to appreciate Raw because I hadn't seen all of it live. My church had revival this week so I wasn't live with Raw. And I had an event to cover Tuesday night so I didn't watch Smackdown until much later. Here are my takes.

Brock Lesnar and Braun Stroman's interactions amaze me every single week. Some would say "keep them apart until No Mercy. I say no. I love this feud! You get the genius of Paul Heyman on the mic(always a plus), the power of Brock versus the power of Braun. And then, the German suplex to Braun and Stroman ROLLED UPRIGHT! He rolled through! Who else has ever done that?! Yes, that hyped me up.

Another thing that hyped me about Raw was the Miz once again spitting the truth, this time to Enzo. I love Miz. He and Maryse announce they're expecting and, on cue, here comes the groan-worthy Amore. During the Attitude Era, there were a few segments that would make me hide my head in shame. Enzo brings that back. Thanks, WWE...

I got a charge out of the Hardy's teaming with Ambrose and Rollins. Four of my favorites so that was definitely a geek out moment for me. And yes I like Gallows and Anderson. Who doesn't? Apparently the "championship committee". Haven't heard that phrase in awhile, have you?

If Raw wasn't good enough, several more things of note happened the following night on SmackDown Live. First off, I like Corey Graves a whole lot better than I ever liked JBL on commentary. Now that that is out of the way, there were two things of note that caught my eye on the Blue Brand this week. We're witnessing the heel turn of Zack Ryder, as I kind of expected we would ever since Ryder returned from injury. What I didn't expect, though, is it looks like his Hype Bro's partner Mojo might join him in turning.

I honestly thought Ryder was going to turn on Rawley in a tag match. Well, they've had plenty of chances for that but they didn't pull the proverbial trigger. Last week after another loss, Mojo voiced frustration to Zack and he was like "you're finally getting it". I sense a Hype Bro's full-on heel turn in the very near future. Next week?

What struck me most on WWE TV this week, as I bet was the case for most, was the Vince McMahon/Kevin Owens closing segment on SD. First, it shows the tremendous faith WWE has in KO that he is put into a program with the entire McMahon family. First, it was just the back and forth he and Shane. Then it got real personal and I was like "Oh, this is getting good"! The Owens said the stuff about Shane's kids and Shane took him down and got suspended.

Owens calls out Vince. Not many do that. Vince says the reason he suspended Shane was that he didn't go far enough on Owens. He'd have the chance at Hell In a Cell when Shane and Kevin would face off in the cell. Then, after some more personal stuff, KO beat the stuffing out of Vince. I honestly don't remember the last time a beating like that was om WWE TV. Makes you wonder if Vince is in Shane's corner at HIAC and something fishy goes down.

I can actually say I'm looking forward to the future of both Raw and Smackdown. And I'm looking forward to both No Mercy and HIAC. If they can build on a great week of TV last week, the sky's the limit.

I'm stoked that I was able to pick up my Bullet Club shirt this past week. That has no bearing on the above paragraphs but I just wanted to throw that in there. Also, everyone notices the fan reaction when AJ, Finn or Gallows and Anderson does the "2 Sweet". People all over love Bullet Club. Good looking out for my shirt, Chris Gaskey.

The Mae Young Classic winner, Asuka coming from NXT to Raw, and so much more to look forward to in the coming weeks. What a time to be a wrestling fan!

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