J Says: MNR and SD Thoughts 9/11/17 - 9/12/17
Submitted by J. Elam on 09/13/2017 at 11:56 AM

1. Cena/Reigns - WWE continues to make Reign looks terrible out there. This is 3 weeks in a row now that he and Cena have had in ring promos. Cena's embarrassed Roman in each of them. Roman just doesn't have what it takes to hang with Cena promo wise. Yet WWE has Cena just flat out making Roman look pathetic. Makes no sense at all. Cena doesn't take Roman serisously, so why should the fans? And on Roman's part, he's got to step it up, which I can see Cena attempting to do. But Roman's just not allowing himself to go there. Why, I don't know. Get angry, Roman. Do something. Stop being so... laid back? Cena's mopping the floor with you, making you look like a nobody, and you're just nervous giggling your way through it, save for the "Call your opponent a B****" pop. But even that isn't working.

2. MizTV - Miz and Maryse announced that they're expecting a baby. Really happy for Miz and Maryse. Enzo was the guest anyway, but interrupted their announcement. OH... MY... GOD. Miz just destroyed Enzo in every which way. Shoots galore apparently in WWE. Gotta wonder if WWE's trying to send messages to their talent(s). Enzo really shouldn't have had anything to say after that, but he never shuts up, so of course he just had to say something. It paled in comparison to what Miz said. Then Enzo idiotically mentioned Miz and Maryse's unborn child, which set Miz off. And rightfully so. Miz, Bo Dallas, and Curtis Axel beat the daylights out of Enzo. Only part I hated what that the crowd started chanting "Who's your daddy." That just felt wrong. It's unfortunate that there's almost nothing they won't chant.

Side note: I did like the subtle continuity when Miz gave props to Neville. I think it was last year, or maybe a year and a half ago that Miz tried to recruit Neville as part of his Miztourage. He declined, but it was a nice little throwback.

3. New Day/Usos - I thought I'd seen enough of this matchup. Seen it a dozen times, and a dozen times more. No surprise, which the chemistry both teams have, they have another great match. But with the title change, that means we get yet another match. This time in Hell in a Cell. I really hope this is their last match for a while. I've really grown tired of seeing it. Let someone else get a chance. Like Benjamin and Gable. Or The Ascension. Or the Fashion Police. I'd say Hype Bros, but it looks like they're on the verge of splitting, if Zack Ryder's reaction to them losing is any indication.

4. Ziggler - The Man No One Cares About. Ziggler's running through various entrances. I guess it's a gimmick? Reminds me of when Damien Sandow and Charlie Haas had the various wrestler gimmicks. I kinda hope it ends with Ziggler doing HBK's entrance, only to eat a Sweet Chin Music. It just seems right. He's a Shawn Michaels wannabe anyway. Might as well get it over with.

5. Kevin Owens Show - SD is Owens. I think Owens was in every other segment. But each of them worked. From the opener, to the backstage segments, to the closing segment, Owens brought it. That's the kind of Owens I wanted to see. Really enjoyed the end segment, too. Vince sort of/kind of/technically/not really mentioned CM Punk with all the lawsuit talk. But then he reinstated Shane McMahon. His reasoning was because while Owens was mentioning Shane's family, it's also Vince's. He thus suspended Shane so he wouldn't do more damage to Owens. He issued a match between them at HIAC. Vince gave Owens his word he wouldn't get fired for beating a McMahon senseless. (Clever wording from Owens BTW). Owens then busted Vince open with a headbutt (Very Vince thing to do. Getting busted open the hard way). Owens kept on the attack until some officials (why did it take them so long to get there?) broke it up. As Owens headed up the ramp, Stephanie McMahon walked by him in disgust. Not even a slap? Huh. And no Triple H. I forgot, he doesn't work Tuesdays.

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