NoDQ&A: Angle vs. Bryan at WM 34, more
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 09/02/2017 at 10:59 PM

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Highly unlikely in all likelihood. Just the idea of ONE of them having another match in WWE seems to be a big question mark. I would say it's more of a possibility outside of WWE if it ever happens.

I'd imagine that Ziggler will do whatever makes him happy. He's a big enough star that he could make good money on the indies for years. I'm guessing he'd want to have time for his non-wrestling projects but I could definitely see him doing something with NJPW.

It was an excellent segment that sold me on attending the show in person. I'm not surprised that fans want to cheer for Cena over Reigns and I figured this would be the case over a year ago when the match was first teased.

I don't think so now that the women's division is taken more seriously. When Chyna competed for the IC Title, it buried the women's division at the time because it came off like none of the other women were in Chyna's league and she had to fight men to get real competition. Since it's already been done, there's no novelty in doing it again.

Perhaps WWE wanted to protect the integrity of the contract by only having the winners cash-in. WWE had Edge win the contract from Mr. Kennedy but that only happened because Kennedy was injured and expected to be out of action for many months. You also still have Carmella with a contract so it's not like WWE was totally screwed out of having a MITB storyline on weekly television.

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