Dolph Ziggler is a Waste in WWE
Submitted by Steve Perry on 09/02/2017 at 10:36 AM

We posted a clip from "The Don Tony and Kevin Castle Show" podcast that focused on Dolph Ziggler's time in WWE and how it should be over. I couldn't agree more. Ziggler has accomplished quite a bit in WWE but he's grown stagnant in WWE and needs a change. What should he do or where should he go? It doesn't matter. Anything would be better than his current status with WWE.

I know what you're probably thinking ďbut he puts on great matches most of the time and he's a bump machine." I agree with all that, but Ziggler is not getting any attention for it. As a face or heel, no one cares and no one is emotionally invested in the character. "Look and listen. They hold the keys. They always have, they always will." said John Cena during the promo with Roman Reigns, referencing the fans.

Suffice it to say, Ziggler's time in the WWE should be up. While he has a lot of talent, the WWE Universe just doesn't need him anymore. He might be successful in another promotion, but in WWE, he's just filling a spot that someone else could utilize. What does he have to do? Main event WrestleMania? Be WWE Champion? Win the Royal Rumble or the ARMBAR? None of which will happen. He's a veteran WWE Superstar now. He's been with the company since 2004 (though initially under a developmental deal) and debuted on the main roster in 2006, but there wasnít a ď10 Years of ZigglerĒ shirt available, yeah? Dolph didnít get to add it to his promos, either.

Ziggler checked all the boxes, too. Aside from being large, he is well-defined, attractive, and great on the mic and in the ring. He had a decent following, too, thus his Money in the Bank win and successful cash-in and repeat reign. WWE can only do so much. Even after those reigns (and 5 IC Title reigns, a US Title reign, and 2 Slammy Awards just to name a few), he still could not fully connect with fans. As popular as he once was, Ziggler is not able to hook the fans like he was. Maybe the audience connected more with the chase rather than his success. Sami Zayn aptly fills that role now, so thereís no good spot for Ziggler.

Whether WWE is at fault or not is irrelevant. The fact is he hasnít been able to do anything with the many opportunities heís been given. Ziggler had his moment, now there are tons of other stars in his way, rightfully so. Fans of the WWE have had their fill. Time for Ziggler to move on. He doesnít have to retire Ė and I donít think he has to, either. Heís still all the aforementioned things, and then some. He can be Nick Nesmith somewhere else. Not sure where heíd want to go, but thereís nothing left for him in WWE.

Iím a huge fan of Dolph Ziggler, too. But I know thereís nothing left in WWE. I want to see Ziggler thrive somewhere, doing something, and where heís currently at with what heís currently doing just isnít it. Maybe a different role would suit him, but I donít know. Maybe the fans donít connect with him because they know the company wonít do anything with him. Maybe Ziggler doesnít care because WWE is the top of the mountain of pro wrestling. I donít pretend to know whatís going through his mind, but if he wants success, thereís nothing else left for him in WWE.

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