The Booker Man - Cena vs Reigns
Submitted by Jeremy Edwards on 08/29/2017 at 12:42 AM

It's that time again wrestling fans for another edition of The Booker Man. After the RED HOT segment on RAW is there anything else that we could possibly fantasy book other than Cena vs Reigns??? I mean we've only been asking for at least one of them to turn heel for a few years now haven't we?

WWE No Mercy had the potential to be a PPV of the year candidate but let's talk the Cena vs Reigns match and see what we can come up with in this crazy head if mine.

1. A heel turn! Ok. Let me make myself clear on this. JOHN CENA WILL NEVER BE A HEEL! There's too much money and good PR for that to happen so if anybody is going to turn heel by the end of this feud it's Roman Reigns. With John Cena a "Free Agent" coming and going as he pleases and Braun Strowman as well as Brock Lesnar getting a babyface pop this could be the time for Roman Reigns to turn heel and beat Cena. Would he cheat to do it? Of course! Would Cena lose anything from a loss to Reigns via cheating? Hell no! Plus imagine the new feuds a heel Roman Reigns can have.

2. Pardon the interruption...We've all been victim to a WWE bait and switch at some point but what if Cena and Reigns beat the hell out of each other and we don't get a winner or loser. If there were any new tag team coming along that you'd say could wipe the floor with a tired and battered Cena and Reigns who would it be? That's right! The AOP! Authors of Pain recently lost the NXT Tag titles and are set to debut on the main roster soon. What if this is all a setup for them to debut during the Cena vs Reigns match by leaving them laying in a heap of destruction at the end of No Mercy? How big of an impact would that make for a new tag team? And how many singles and tag matches could Reigns and Cena have with them before moving on again?

3. Gong! WWE has yet to come out and say that the Undertaker is officially retired. They've alluded to it. Even tap danced around it and I think that's for good reason. Roman Reigns has been hanging his hat on the idea that he retired the Undertaker at WrestleMania for a while now and I truly believe the Undertaker would have made an appearance at SummerSlam had it not been for word getting out that he was in the area. But lets say he does show up at No Mercy. You'd think that he would send a clear message to one Roman Reigns by costing him the match against John Cena but I don't think that's what will happen. John Cena's comments about Reigns beating a worn out veteran with a bad hip weren't said on television for no good reason. The Undertaker will make sure that Cena loses to Reigns by costing him the match setting up what later may be the biggest WrestleMania event since Hogan vs Andre...

Well that's it folks. Another Booker Man edition is in the books. If you like the column please post below in the comment section or shoot me an email at

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We'll see you all next time but until then, be good to each other. So long everybody.

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