NoDQ&A: Lesnar saying with WWE, NXT women's champion
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 08/26/2017 at 10:46 AM

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Brock Lesnar has definitely lost some leverage because of the Jon Jones situation. Even if Lesnar is able to get another fight in the UFC, it probably wouldn't have the drawing power that a fight against Jones would've had. I think the chances are increased that Lesnar will stay with WWE but he might not make as much money as he was hoping for. Theoretically, the Jones drug test failure will cost Lesnar millions of dollars.

I like this idea a lot. By doing this, it makes the tournament feel more important because of something significant being up for grabs. I'm not sure if WWE is doing this, but I definitely feel they should. Another option that I feel would work is having the winner of the tournament face Ember Moon at the next Takeover event for the vacant title.

I'm not sure about WWE because Raven came in at a name when there were so many other bigger stars and he was already starting to feel like a thing of the past. In WCW, it was a different situation and I think the company really dropped the ball. I remember Raven being on the WCW vs. NWO Revenge video game and he could've been a breakout star if WCW played their cards right. WCW needed to make new stars and Raven was hungry to reach the top. When Raven saw the writing on the wall, he ended up quitting and going back to WCW which was very unfortunate. Raven definitely should've been in main event matches and WINNING main event matches against established stars like Randy Savage and Kevin Nash.

I really don't know why as there hasn't been any kind of official answer given. It doesn't make sense to me because it's a fun concept that changes things up and can pop a rating. If I had to guess, I would say WWE felt it wasn't worth spending the money to bring legends in for one show. This is a company that has cut out pyro from the budget so they aren't looking to spend any more money than necessary right now.

I think it depends on when Roman Reigns is facing John Cena. I think WWE would be crazy to not do a full-fledged Shield reunion. The reunion seems like such an easy way for Reigns to get a positive crowd reaction and I would be very surprised if it didn't happen.

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