Wrestle Review: Career Interrupted
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 08/25/2017 at 08:30 PM

With the news that Big Cass would be out for at least 9 months(May 2018) I wondered to myself: Will his push still be there? This could actually be a hidden blessing. Think of this; they could use this time, when Cass heals or as he's healing, to work with Cass. He needs a character overhaul. They need to work with him on everything, really. He has no charisma. Even down to the little things like his trunks, music, etc need work. Get well soon and. hopefully, get a better character.

I rarely watch 205 Live. I saw a screen shot, however, that implored me to go to WWE Network and watch this week's episode. I got to the end and, lo and behold they finally did it! Enzo Amore is off Raw and on 205 Live. Thank God! Really, what were they going to do with him? Especially with Cass out. He'll probably still be on Raw occasionally, though.

Also on Raw, "free agent" John Cena showed up and called out Roman Reigns. I honestly had a hard time distinguishing who the fans booed more. I'm going to give the slight edge to Reigns. They ended up teaming in the main event. I wonder when their one-on-one match happens? That seems to be something you could only do at WrestleMania. That said, I can also see Brock and Roman for the Universal Championship at Mania. Time will tell. If we get that in April, maybe we're getting Cena and Reigns at the Rumble? They could save it until WrestleMania. Have Roman and John win the Raw tag titles only to have a big blowup just before their 'Mania encounter.

I did watch Impact Wrestling this week. Eli Drake became the new world champion, which was pretty cool to see. I like seeing a guy who paid his dues finally get a payoff. Also in the battle royal to determine the new champ, Johnny Nitro/Mundo/Impact debuted in GFW. If he's changing his name to fit every organization's show he's on, as it seems happens, it's a little unfortunate there wasn't a WCW when he was Johnny Nitro in WWE. Of course, those dopes would've bungled it.

Speaking of dopes bungling things, that brings me to WWE and Rusev. Today, Rusev tweeted he wanted to "thank everybody involved". Days earlier, someone asked Lana if they asked for their release. She replied with "don't believe everything you read". Sounds like people just like making things up.

What will happen in the wrestling world next week? Who takes Big Cass' spot as the up-and-coming star? I'll leave on this thought: Remember when the Rock was Rocky? He was a little directionless, had no buzz. He got injured, had to take a lot of time off. He came back and became The Rock. I'm not saying Cass will reach Rock-esque heights. That's very highly doubtful. I'm just saying that I hope they use this time in a wise manner.

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