NoDQ&A: Roode's first feud, Asuka's future
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 08/25/2017 at 10:42 AM

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I was expecting it to be AJ Styles until he showed up as a babyface character. With Shinsuke Nakamura's feud with Jinder Mahal likely continuing and Styles feuding with Baron Corbin, I'd like to see Roode feud with someone that is struggling to get TV time such as Mike Bennett. Dolph Ziggler would be another good choice. Really, you could choose a good portion of the roster since Roode is a fresh face.

Good question, it's hard to say and I think it depends on what type of role she is going to play. With Bayley injured, I think Asuka might be better suited for RAW - especially if she is going to be a babyface character. I don't think Asuka should be losing anytime soon so I think it might be best to keep her away from a long-term top star like Charlotte for the time being.

She might go down as one of the most loved women's wrestlers in all of WWE and not just NXT. She had a very lengthy run and gained a lot of credibility (even more than she already had) along the way.

Hogan didn't have to put over anyone if he didn't want to. When he did put over someone, he did so when it politically benefited him. For example, Georgia Dome Nitro was selling a lot of tickets without any matches announced so Hogan decided to drop the title to Goldberg on that show. By doing that, Hogan could take credit for the ticket sales and give the impression that he was putting over new talent. And of course, even when Goldberg was the World Champion, Nitro was still the Hulk Hogan show.

I could see WWE doing something like that where they throw several guys together when the company doesn't know what else to do with them. My guess is that Rusev will continue his feud with Randy Orton but a tag match (Teddy Long special) with Corbin/Rusev vs. Styles/Orton would not shock me.

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