The Booker Man - SummerSlam
Submitted by Jeremy Edwards on 08/07/2017 at 10:05 PM

Folks The Booker Man has returned from a long hiatus!

If you aren't familiar with the format I'll be giving a Top 3 List of fantasy bookings. Could be a how I'd like to see an angle play out, a complete re-booking of something from the past or what I would like to see happen in the future.

On this edition we'll be going over a list of the Top 3 things I'd like to see coming out of SummerSlam. With all that house cleaning out of the way let's get with it!

#1. It's finally time to see the return of the Dean Ambrose we all loved! It's no mystery that we will be seeing a match between the RAW Tag Team champs and a combination of Ambrose and Rollins. At the end of this match Sheamus and Cesaro should retain but the big shocker that will come out of the match needs to be an Ambrose heel turn. He has started to get his edge back and he is going to turn his back on Rollins setting up a feud between the two former SHIELD members that should last for a little while and produce some awesome matches.

#2. Shinsuke Nakamura needs to win the WWE Championship. Yes he is getting the hotshot towards the WWE Championship. Yes he beat Super Cena by dumping him on his head and hitting him with the Kinshasa for a clean victory and YES FINALLY the reign of the Modern Day Maharaja is going to end. At this point the WWE has milked all of the Network subscribers from India it can out of Jinder Mahal. Ratings for Smackdown have been on a downward trend with Mahal as the WWE Champion and Nakamura has been a fan favorite since his main roster debut. This would make sense from a ratings standpoint and would likely spike the Japanese Network subscribers which I'm sure Vince would love.

#3. Brock Lesnar should retain the Universal Championship. With the promise to leave if he loses the title most people expect Lesnar to drop the title and start his preparations to return to the UFC for a money fight with Jon Jones. I don't think that should happen and here's why. Nobody will see it coming and if the match is put together the right way there is a built in person for Lesnar to drop the title to when he does decide to leave for the UFC. Braun Strowman can beat the hell out of everyone in the match until Joe, Reigns and Lesnar decide to team up to put him out of commission and when all is said and done Lesnar can retain by pinning Roman Reigns. Strowman then has a legit argument that it took Lesnar, Samoa Joe AND Roman Reigns to keep him from taking the Universal Championship from Lesnar. A match between Strowman and Lesnar at the next RAW exclusive PPV can be made and would end in Strowman winning the Universal Championship allowing Lesnar to prepare for his octagon return.

So what do you all think? Let me know in the comments below or feel free to email me at As always keep your eyes peeled for the next edition of The Booker Man and remember to look out for each other.

Until next time...

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