Wrestle Review: End of the Line for Enzo?
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 08/04/2017 at 11:22 PM

Is it time for WWE to cut their losses with Enzo Amore? Originally, I was thinking that they could jet Enzo to the cruiserweight division since they split he and Cass. Then, I started reading stories of how Enzo was being a nuisance backstage, not to mention away from WWE. I was originally thinking he could head to GFW. However, I don't know of any company who would want to take on Amore.

My most recent does of wrestling is always the freshest in my mind. So, I'll discuss a little GFW first. I was expecting a bigger name for the latest member of LAX. I don't know who I was expecting but Low-Ki was a bit of a let-down. Also, what's the deal with Low-Ki wrestling in a suit.

Actually, my most recent was New Japan Pro. I watched over supper and it was awesome! To say the wrestling is better than WWE is obvious. The two are polar opposites. WWE focuses on the "E", obviously. And sometimes, they fail miserably at that even.

I will give them credit for the SummerSlam card. Also, the lead-up. Joe/Roman/Braun was something to behold. Add Brock into the mix and it's going to be fun! Thing is, everyone thinks automatically that Brock loses. Then, Heyman comes off with the "he loses, he leaves" edict. Well, Brock has said he's not going back to UFC so...thanks for giving away the SummerSlam main event, Paul.

Nakamura defeated Cena and everybody lost their freaking minds! Present company included. My initial thought, especially after I heard the next day that Cena would be Bumblebee in the next Transformer movie, Cena loses at SummerSlam to Baron Corbin, Shin wins the WWE Championship only to have Corbin cash in successfully. That way, the next WWE Championship feud will be between Corbin and Nakamura.

I look forward to next week and the weeks leading to SummerSlam. Parting shot: don't limit yourself to one organization. I learned that awhile back. There's all kinds of good stuff out there.

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