The X-Factor: SummerSlam '17 - It's coming
Submitted by Victor Mariscal on 07/28/2017 at 02:56 AM

It has officially joined the ranks of WrestleMania IX, The Great American Bash, King of the Ring ’95 & ’99, nWo Souled Out, Halloween Havoc ’98, and TNA Victory Road ’11 as one of the worst PPV events of all time.

The next event after December to Dismember ’06 was Armageddon. They changed the Tag Team title match into a ladder match. It had to be an apology.

Did the Philly crowd give up before it started, or did the smarks opt out of this one? They were just, not as loud as I thought. Roman Reigns made a good point on the 7/24 Raw. When he won the Royal Rumble ’15, the Philly fans were booing him, but they were LOUD! Later that year, during the brief period he turned it around, Philadelphia was going apeshit for him when he beat Sheamus for the WWE title.

I applaud Road Dogg for defending himself. One of those who stuck up for him brought up that we have “attitude era syndrome”. We do have a romantic view of that time.

What’s done is done. SummerSlam ’17 is coming. Time to look forward to that.

The WWE Championship
Jinder Mahal is gonna lose it. This experiment ran its course and it should’ve been squashed before it started.

Don’t be mad that Nakamura vs. Cena is being given away on Smackdown. It may not have a winner anyway. A triple threat could be looming.

There’s the briefcase-shaped question mark hanging over the match. Assuming it does happen, Corbin should cash in while the match is in progress. Cena’s 17th reign deserves more than three minutes.

The Fatal 4 Way
At this point, arguments could be made for anyone to win this thing.

Really hoping they would pull the trigger on Reigns vs. Lesnar II. Could happen.

Even now, the haters continue to say that Reigns – and Cena – only have amazing matches because they’re carried. They don’t want to admit they’re good because it would validate them. Granted, Reigns is no ring general but he doesn’t need someone to hold his hand. I say he should pin Brock to set up the rematch and finally give us closure.

Samoa Joe is the only one that the Beast has actually defeated, and the only one who’s gotten under Brock’s skin like no other. They know he’s hot. Winning the Universal title would solidify him, but there are other ways to go over big.

I think it’s the wrong time for Strowman to take the red leather belt. Right now he’s so over as a nigh-unbeatable monster he doesn’t really need it. The best thing they can do is put him and Joe into an angle. Why not? Joe stands alone in that he’s a heel who has no fear. Braun isn’t somebody you can lock down into the babyface or heel role.

Is Brock headed back to the octagon? The signs point to yes. What they should do is keep him looking strong – whether he loses the title or not – and have him go out on a major feud. Thing is, WrestleMania 34 is happening in the same building where Lesnar ended the Undertaker’s streak. A match with Reigns would make sense. They’re the only two who defeated ‘Taker at a WrestleMania. Are they gonna wait to pull the trigger?

Or will it be Cena vs. Reigns?

The women on Raw
Bayley is challenging for the Raw Women’s title? So, does this mean they’re getting it right?

When she and Sasha closed out NXT Respect, Bayley had to dig deep to win. It wasn’t even a question. She may have gone too far, but Banks antagonized the crowd by stealing Izzy’s headband – Bayley’s #1 fan – and reducing her to tears. The move only enhanced Bayley’s win.

BTW, Sasha apologized and gave her the bouquet of flowers she was given after the match. Izzy was a good sport about it, even taking a pic with Sasha during ‘Mania weekend in ’16.

If Bayley is gonna get her groove back, then she needs to show us that side again. Bliss needs to push some serious buttons too.

It’s what some people want, but I’m indifferent to be honest. Sasha doesn’t need the heel turn, not yet anyway. If I was a mark, I wouldn’t want to hate her. Make no mistake, she would rock that role. I’m fine without the turn.

I can just hear Brooklyn hi-jacking now.

Don’t mess with the X.

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