Wrestle Review: An Impactful Battleground?
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 07/21/2017 at 05:33 PM

I wondered how GFW would write their champion out of their biggest storyline, seeing as though he's suspended. I know these are recorded. I figure LAX will destroy Alberto and put him out for however long the suspension lasts. I really didn't gain anything else worthwhile out of the show. Try again next week, guys.

WWE Battleground is Sunday night. This is the last PPV stop before SummerSlam, so you would figure things will start to amp up Sunday, right? Well... Tye Dillinger and Aiden English will face off on the "go get your pizza" show. Seriously, the kick-off show is usually when I go get my pizza. What do you miss, really? They clearly didn't think this was big enough for the main show. Dillinger wins and both continue to go virtually unnoticed.

Sami Zayn versus Mike Bennett, excuse me, Mike Kanellis. "I'm a lover not a fighter". Reminds you of "The Girl Is Mine", specifically Michael Jackson's part. Mike wins and Sami continues to get buried. I'm not sure why they're burying Sami. Other than Vince not liking you unless you weigh 295-400 pounds. We continue to be burdened with this awful gimmick they've given Mike and Maria.

The elimination match to see who faces Naomi at SummerSlam should be a good one. Unless Lana wins. I swear, if Lana wins Sunday and wins the title at SummerSlam.... The only thing worse than that would be if Carmella cashed in at SummerSlam and wins the title.

Shinsuke Nakamura faces the future WWE Champion, Baron Corbin. Imagine this: Shinsuke wins Sunday. Therfore, he has a legitimate claim to be #1 contender when Baron eventually wins the title. Perhaps Nakamura wins Sunday, Baron cashes in and wins the title at SummerSlam, Shin wins the title and then we finally get Shin vs AJ for the WWE Championship somewhere down the road.

AJ and Kevin Owens in a rematch for the U.S. Championship will be featured. Are these guys going to trade the title over and over? I think AJ should win, perhaps by disqualification. Then maybe we can get a triple threat title match at SummerSlam.

This will be the New Day's second shot at the tag titles. I say the Usos retain again. My logic? A second straight loss will put New Day in the role of having to win a #1 contenders match to get another shot at SummerSlam. Imagine the storyline: New Day loses Sunday. They enter a #1 contender match, gauntlet or whatever. They win that and the narrative for SummerSlam could be that this is New Day's last chance. That's what I'd do.

You would think the WWE Championship Punjabi Prison train wreck, I mean match, between champion Jinder Mahal and challenger Randy Orton would be the main event. I'd honestly be surprised if it headlined the show, even though I think the world title should always headline. Jinder will win this, making him undefeated against Randy. I think either a heel turn or departure is in order for Randy.

The final match will likely be the flag match between the returning John Cena and the returning Rusev. Rusev left Cena laying on Smackdown, so I assume Cena wins here. They're not going to end the show with the Bulgarian flag waving. I could be wrong but I doubt it. Especially since a Cena loss would look silly after he beats Jinder at SummerSlam for the championship. Although it is just a flag match, Cena doesn't lose this match. Notice how they've been "Hulk Hogan-ing" him, especially over the past few years?

Enjoy the show!

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