Wrestle Review: Curtains
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 07/14/2017 at 08:45 PM

Since Alberto Del, I mean El Patron, the GFW Champion, got suspended, what do they do now? It probably isn't in a company's best interest to have your world champion be the subject of a domestic violence situation. LAX did lay him out this week. Maybe that will write him off TV for quite awhile. Honestly, they should strip him of the title, fire him, and have a tournament to crown a new champ. I honestly don't see how that company can, in good conscience, bring him back.

Speaking of something companies need to do, WWE needs to breathe new life into some careers. This past week on Raw, we saw hints of the reluctant team of Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. I say pair these guys up....for awhile. They get thrust into a tag team title match. They look very impressive winning some tune-up matches on Raw. We get to SummerSlam or wherever they choose this to take place. It looks like they're about to win the titles and BAM, Dean attacks Seth. There's your new Raw feud for the end of 2017 and into 2018.

Either put Sami Zayn in the U.S. Championship picture or get him on 205 Live. He's 199 so he would fit. This thing with Mike Bennett and Maria on Smackdown is nice enough, I guess. Obviously, when they finally decide to put Bennett in the ring, he'll beat Zayn a few times. Sami is WWE's whipping boy, after all. He sometimes is their "almost" guy. They have him almost win a big match, almost win a title. Sami couold easily bring credibility to that cruiserweight title, or the I-C or U.S titles.

WWE cancelled Talking Smack today. That was pretty much the only original show I watched on the network. Good job, guys(yes, that was sarcasm). I felt the same way when they cancelled Edge and Christian's show. Here's an idea, let's eliminate the original shows altogether and stick with wrestling. Serious question: does Renee Young go back to backstage interviews? I know she has her Regular Girls podcast. She's awesome!

Speaking of things that got cancelled, what the heck happened to Titus O'Neil? He used to be a wrestler but now is more or less a glorified manager. Did his career end the night he, allegedly, accidentally bumped into Vince McMahon on-stage? If you think about it, he's sort of been stalled since. Coincidence? I think not.

By the way, WWE Network is having the Mae Young Classic and, coincidentally, Ronda Rousey is there. I'm pretty sure she'll be involved in WrestleMania in some way, shape or form. Rock and Rousey vs Triple H and Steph? I thought that idea was dead. We shall see. Until next week...

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