The X-Factor: The rest of 2017
Submitted by Victor Mariscal on 07/12/2017 at 07:58 PM

Letís get this out of the way.

I could do a column on this BS with Paige and Del Rio, but Iíll keep it brief. Yes, she ignored her bosses when they told her to end it, but we thought they were being dicks. They knew something we didnít. If sheís getting abused, if heís making her do drugs, then sheís the victim here. Weíre all human, we make mistakes. It was a few years ago that the smarks looked at Paige as the one who could save the womenís division. Now, people are talking a lot of shit about her. Lay off haters.

Time for some positivity.

I was there for the 7/4/2017 Smackdown. It was the best seat I ever had: the first row, right next to the entranceway, and there was even a shot of me wearing an nWo shirt raising my spinner belt and WWE title with John Cenaís side plates at the start of the show. I sat next to two ladies who were at their first show. They were fun.

The product can only get better with Cena back. When heís done with Rusev, thereís Jinder Mahal, Baron Corbin, Kevin Owens, thereís possibilities people. Thereís even talk of doing the match with Roman Reigns in New Orleans next year. Could be the day JC gets #17.

Now for some other thoughts.

The US Championship
It was just two years ago that this title seemed to be just as much, if not more important than the WWE title. Nothing against Shane McMahon, but AJ Styles deserved better this year at WrestleMania. The manner in which they showed off his title win not only did a service to him but the gold. It would be fun to have the open challenge return.

You see Vince? This is how you do it.

The Hardys are obsolete?
They say theyíre close to a deal. Jarrett says thereís no deal. Reby Hardy calls him a liar.

WWE loved the gimmick or they wouldnít have bothered to go through all this trouble to acquire it. They will or they wonít. Iím fine either way.

The Universal title picture
There was some bitching over Roman Reigns trying to ďkillĒ Braun Strowman, but Roman brought up the Attitude Era where that kind of behavior was common. Want some examples?

Steve Austin dropped Triple H in a car from 30 feet in the air. That was done in retaliation to Triple H and Rikishi running him over with a car the year before. The Rock sent Austin falling off a bridge into a river. Hell, in 2003 Shane McMahon superkicked Kane into a flaming dumpster. Need I go on?

Is Reigns a heel or an anti-hero? It sure seemed like they were leaning towards the former. Might be good to put the red strap on him. Except, how will it happen?

A fatal four way between Brock Lesnar, Samoa Joe, Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns isnít a bad idea, but Iíve been dying to see Reigns vs. Lesnar II because they had a great match and it never got a proper conclusion.

Samoa Joe vs. Strowman is a feud with potential. Braun is looking more like a babyface after GBOF. Could work. They could do Braun vs. Brock later.

Thereís gonna be the usual bitching if Reigns gets the title from the same people who donít want a part-timer with the gold.

Kurt Angle
Strike while the iron is hot I say.

This scandal thing reeks of Stephanie McMahon. Already I donít like it. If the rumors are true and Dixie Carter is involved somehow, weíll know soon enough.

Triple H, you had better do right by Angle.

Some other random thoughts:

-We donít need to break up the New Day yet. Their program with the Usos is just getting good.

-We should hope the Mae Young Classic is a testing ground to bring in new talent. The Womenís divisions across both shows are weak.

-The work of Alexa Bliss has been for the most part, solid. Iím tired of the cowardly champ gimmick. She seriously needs to drop the title to either Sasha or Bayley.

-Speaking of, I really donít want Sasha turning heel. She doesnít need it. Bayley does need to make a big change or she should quit and make waves somewhere else.

-You kidding me with Ambrose vs. Miz? Itís become the new Cena vs. Orton. Unless itís being used for a Shield reunion just end that shit already.

Don't mess with the X.

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