J Says: GBoF Thoughts
Submitted by J. Elam on 07/10/2017 at 03:18 PM

1. Cruiserweight Championship: Neville vs Akira Tozawa - Good match.Crowd was into it and behind Tozawa. Hated the finish. with Tozawa on the ropes. Hoping it sets up a SummerSlam match where Tozawa wins. Later on in the show, Tozawa wanted Titus to get him a rematch.

2. Seth Rollins vs Bray Wyatt - Yawn fest. Oh Bray Wyatt won? Didn't see that one coming.

3. Enzo Amore vs Big Cass - Was expecting a squash match, got a squash match. Please don't do a rematch. Liked Cass' interview after on Raw Talk. He's not close to main event ready, but he was able to do OK here, promo wise.

4. Raw Tag Team Championship: 30 Minute Ironman Match: Sheamus and Cesaro vs The Hardyz - Clever start for Sheamus and Cesaro to get an early lead. Loved the story in the match. Cesaro and Sheamus doing everything to keep their titles, and the Hardyz doing everything to win back the titles. Liked the finish where Cesaro tried to run out the clock with seconds to go.

5. Raw Women's Championship: Sasha Banks vs Alexa Bliss - Alexa played the cowardly heel by losing via countout. Sasha attacked her afterwards. She threw her into the stage, then off the announce table. She then lept onto her, busting her lip. She kinda came across as a bit of a sore loser.

6. Intercontinental Championship: The Miz (with Maryse, Bo Dallas, and Curtis Axel) vs Dean Ambrose - These guys have been feuding since January, and it's grown stale. Miz won after some interference by Bo Dallas, Curtis Axel, and Maryse. Nothing out of the ordinary for Miz. It's time they moved these 2 away from each other. There's nowhere for the story to go from here.

7. Ambulance Match: Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman - Braun's been booked as completely indestructible. He's shown to be impervious to pain. They literally had him no selling chairshots by Roman. Both guys beat the crap out of each other. Roman lost because Braun side-stepped. Roman went flying into the ambulance, and that was it. Post match, Roman attacked Braun (something Braun's done to him on countless occasions). Roman placed Braun in the ambulance, then backed it full speed into a parked semi. Braun had to be let out with the jaws of life. He came out bruised and bloodied, but walked away under his own power.

I for one, have no problem with what Roman did. After all the attacks Braun inflicted on him, what other choice did Roman have? He's tried fighting Braun with his fists. Braun keeps coming. He's tried weaponry. Braun keeps coming. Everything Roman's tried, Braun just keeps getting back up like he's Michael Myers. He left Roman with no choice. It was karma. Braun had it coming, and Roman delivered.

It wasn't a heel turn. Not in the slightest. It was someone who was left with no other options to get rid of someone making their life hell.

8. WWE Universal Championship: Brock Lesar vs
Samoa Joe - Just dudes just going at it. I actually believed that Joe had a shot at winning, but Brock found way to kick out, or get out of the Coquina Clutch. Probably could've had Joe kick out of one F5, but otherwise, I have no qualms about the match. I loved it. Everything about this feud was amazing. There's still unfinished business, so I see a rematch. Maybe by SummerSlam.

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