ViRTUE's RAGE: Roman Reigns Vs John Cena
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July 9, 2017

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Roman Reigns or John Cena

Finally, after weeks and weeks of delays, I am now ready to write this beast of a column known as Roman Reigns or John Cena. Or perhaps I really mean Reigns Vs Cena. Now that Cena has returned, albeit on SmackDown Live and feuding with Rusev once again, I thought the time was right. It is apparent that Cena should be facing Rusev in a possible flag match at the upcoming Battleground event, and Reigns is still feuding with Braun Strowman and facing him in an ambulance match tonight at Great Balls of Fire. So what exactly lies ahead for both Cena and Reigns heading into SummerSlam in August and potentially WrestleMania 34 next year? There are obviously several possibilities for each. I will now list my favorite scenarios for these two cash cows of WWE.

I would have to imagine that the Reigns Vs Strowman feud is going to come to an end tonight at GBOF or on Raw Monday night. This first scenario will only be possible if WWE decides to just have Brock Lesnar Vs Samoa Joe one and done. If Lesnar retains the Universal Championship tonight, and Reigns defeats Strowman in the Ambulance match, I am pretty sure we will get Reigns challenging Lesnar for the Universal title at SummerSlam. For argument’s sake, WWE could then potentially have Joe Vs Strowman in a feud to perhaps help Strowman get over as a baby face. The fans seem to really be leaning towards liking Strowman more and more. Of course, Strowman feuding with Reigns helps that cause. I could then see Reigns defeat Lesnar at SummerSlam to become the Universal Champion.

If WWE decides to continue the Lesnar Vs Joe feud into SummerSlam, what does that then mean for Reigns? I find it very unlikely he will continue to feud with Strowman all the way into August. Perhaps this is where WWE can get very creative and have a Shield reunion heading into the heart of the summer. Think about it. Reigns, Rolilns, and Ambrose are all on Raw and are currently booked as baby faces. The time is now and the mood is right. The merchandise stands and WWE’s online shop could be hot and heavy with brand new Shield merch. Who exactly would they feud against in a 3 on 3 match at SummerSlam? Well, it could be a combination of Wyatt, Strowman, and perhaps Big Cass. I would actually really love this match, and Enzo on commentary would make it even more fun. You know he and Cass would get into it at some point during the match. I am not quite sure who should win this match, but that is the beauty of a potential Shield reunion.

As for John Cena, I believe he is going to mow through Rusev in a couple of matches. I can see the flag match happen at Battleground and then possibly one more match on a SD Live. In Vince McMahon’s perfect world, I can then see Cena challenge Jinder Mahal for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam, and unfortunately win it. Remember, Baron Corbin holds the MITB contract, and cashing it in at some point on Cena would be the likely scenario. I highly doubt Cena will continue to feud with Rusev all the way until SummerSlam, but we all know that WWE does often times like to milk feuds. If Cena does not get back in the WWE title picture anytime soon, I would not rule out the rumored Cena Vs Shinsuke Nakamura match that could take place at SummerSlam. Like I wrote in a past ViRTUE’s RAGE, I think Cena should face Nakamura and put him over. Again, there are so many possibilities. Let’s just hope WWE chooses booking that will intrigue most of us.

So what about WrestleMania 34? Will WWE wait and have Reigns challenge Lesnar for the Universal title all the way until then? Will Cena potentially face someone like a Nakamura or AJ Styles? As good as some of that sounds to ME, I would actually prefer one match above all others. And that match is none other than Reigns Vs Cena. You want to talk about putting the spotlight on the Reigns’ “This is My Yard Now” gimmick, well then look no further. In all honesty, this would be Vince McMahon’s Hogan Vs Andre II or Rock Vs Hogan II. The reality of this potential match is all too legit. Cena and Reigns are the top two money makers in WWE, and we all know that WWE loves to book matches like this for the hype of the big stage. Like Aaron Rift has previously mentioned, what better way to cater to all fans then to have Cena Vs Reigns and Nakamura Vs Styles at Mania? That is really the most ideal booking to maximize the most buzz for Mania. There could even be a Joe or Strowman Vs Lesnar match. If you want to talk about some big time matches and buzz, then there you go!

For the record, I would have Reigns win his third consecutive Mania Main Event by defeating Cena clean. Boooooooo! The fact that Cena can now become what the Undertaker was to Mania by having a big match and feud each year should be exactly what WWE wants. $$$$$$$$$$$$ Cena could lose to Reigns at WM34, but by WM35 he could be right back in another greatly hyped match. Sure, there is no undefeated streak on the line for Cena, but it really does not matter because it is John Cena and he has been pushed as the top guy for over a decade and continues to have dozens of merch items made because he sells to his diehard fan base. Wait, that sounds awfully familiar, doesn’t it? That’s right folks! Roman Reigns has been force fed over the last few years just like Cena always has since mid-2000s. However, the fact remains that Reigns and Cena are the top two draws and money makers in the company, even despite having many detractors.

Many people have asked me the following question: how can you dislike John Cena so heavily over the years yet strongly advocate Roman Reigns? Now it is time to get BOLD. I used to like Cena’s early thuganomics gimmick when he was a heel. However, as soon as WWE turned that gimmick into a baby face gimmick, it immediately lost its appeal to me. And why? Because I knew there was never any going back to it. Cena morphed into the new face of WWE and there was no way Vince McMahon was ever going to turn him heel for a brief run. The more that sunk in and became a reality to me, the more I loathed Cena each year. Many people say the guy can work a great match, even people in the business. Well, maybe that is so, but I truly believe it is because he has always been put into feuds with some of the best workers and wrestlers in history. They have always been able to carry Cena in a match and make him look great. Sure, at some point Cena definitely learned enough to be able to hold his own in a match. However, I think he continues to often look awkward when he wrestles, and his back bumps have always looked weak to me. Think about why he has had so many arm, elbow, and shoulder injuries and surgeries over the years. It is because he uses them to brace his bumps in awkward fashion. On the other hand, Reigns takes some of the most vicious bumps I have seen in quite some time, but he seems to always come out of matches unscathed. That’s because someone taught him how to bump safely and properly. Nothing against Christopher Daniels and Fit Finlay (who trained Cena), but the Anoa’s are masters at teaching how to bump. Go back and watch Rikishi, the Usos, Umaga, Yokozuna, and Rosey bump. I wonder if those Samoan wrestlers learned bumping on hot coals?

Finally, the following potential things that Reigns has that Cena never has had are what make me advocate Reigns. Without a doubt, Reigns and the Shield will be reunited for at least one more run (at some point). That alone is enough for me to care about Reigns, regardless if he is force fed as the top guy. Cena never was in a group. He was a solo “ruthless aggression” act. I strongly liked the Shield when they debuted as heels, and I continued to like them when they eventually turned baby face. After the split, I strongly supported Ambrose and Rollins the most, but Reigns started to grow on me, and for reasons beyond all the IWC hate towards him. Unlike many of those fans, I try to understand why WWE does many of things they do. Look, I dislike Cena, but I will not deny that I understand why he has been pushed strongly over the years. $$$$$$$$$$$ As I have stated before, I know Reigns does not have the best promo skills in the world, but if given more freedom and less script, I think he could learn and evolve his mic work. The Raw after WM33 proved just that. He said his best promo ever by really not saying much at all when he uttered “this is my yard now” and the place erupted with a reaction. Sure, they were boos, but as Rift has stated, the new top heel is the guy who WWE books as the top baby face. I actually think, unlike Cena, Reigns will have at least one singles heel run. Perhaps when the Shield reunite, the next time they break up is when the unthinkable happens and Reigns turns on Rollins and Ambrose. WWE can then run Reigns as a heel for 6 months to a year. They can then turn him back to a baby face and see if he has then earned any of the fans respect like the Rock once did. And guess what? All new merch could be sold during the process. Believe that!

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