J Says: GBoF Preview/Predictions
Submitted by J. Elam on 07/08/2017 at 06:19 PM

1. Cruiserweight Championship: Neville vs Akira Tozawa - Neville's been Cruiserweight champ since late January. Akira Tozawa's been gaining some momentum (and popularity) in part due to Titus O'Neil and his Titus Brand. I think it'd be a good move to have Tozawa win the title. It adds more depth to Neville. It'd be nice to see how he reacts to losing the title. And it also helps Tozawa and co. It makes Titus seem more appealing as a manager. Might lead to more people wanting his services.

2. Raw Women's Championship: Alexa Bliss vs Sasha Banks - There's been little build to this match, so it wouldn't make sense to have Sasha win. Have Alexa win, even if by dirty methods. Drag it out until SummerSlam, where Sasha finally wins the title off Alexa. After that, Sasha moves into a feud with Nia Jax.

3. Enzo Amore vs Big Cass: As much as I was against this feud happening (well before they revealed Cass as the one attacking Enzo), promo wise? I have to give it an A+. Both Enzo and Cass have been nailing their promos. Neither guy is pulling any punches. Fully expect it to be a squash match with Cass winning. Only question is what WWE's plans are for both guys. Enzo's of little to no use as a wrestler, unless they put him in the CW division. He could make an excellent manager for anyone on the roster. Cass has some work to do in-ring wise, and mic wise. He's still lacking in those areas. Being 7 foot ain't gonna be enough.

4. Seth Rollins vs Bray Wyatt: Ah, Bray Wyatt. They guy who does promos going on and on about nothing. The guy who no sells everything that happens to him. Serisouly, he's lost literally every feud he's been in on the main roster. I see nothing changing for this feud. Rollins will win, and Bray will attempt to proclaim he actually won somehow. Bray Wyatt's the type of guy that gets completely owned during a fight, but thinks he did something special since he connected on 1 or 2 shots.

5. Raw Tag Team Championship: Sheamus and Cesaro vs The Hardyz - Being that Raw has no depth in their tag division, it's basically just these 2 teams. Could go either way with this one, though. But I think the Hardyz win the titles, and proceed to feud with someone else. Could be The Club, The Revival, or Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas. Whichever the case, I think the Sheamus/Cesaro vs Hardyz feud can take a break for now.

6. Intercontinental Championship: The Miz vs Dean Ambrose - They feuded on SD before the roster shake-up. Now they're feuding again on Raw. I'm into Dean for this feud. Miz and Maryse I'm OK with, but Dean's not really doing much worth caring about, which adds to Miz eviscerating him on the recent MNR. Just completely trashed Ambrose. I think they should keep the belt on Miz for now. Ambrose doesn't do anything to elevate titles, but Miz can.

7. Ambulance Match: Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman - Braun Strowman and his endless pursuit of wanting to inflict pain upon Roman Reigns. This feud's been going on for months now, and it's about time they ended it. Let these guys move onto something else for a while.

8. WWE Universal Championship: Brock Lesnar vs Samoa Joe - Talk about taking the ball and running with it. Samoa Joe has stepped up in a huge way. He's been magnificent the whole way. But I do agree with Lesnar in that Joe keeps attacking Heyman rather than Brock, and when he does attack Brock, there's always some kind of sneak attack involved. During their first brawl, Brock was being held back, then Joe got a cheap shot. The second time, Joe snuck up from behind. I liked Lesnar's cockiness on the would be 3rd time when they interviewed. I honestly can't wait to see this match. It's the first time I've been excited for a world title match all year, and I feel like Brock's going to bring it against Joe. And Joe can handle whatever Brock throws at him. I expect it to be very physical. Can't even make a prediction on the winner since I'd be satisfied either way. But if I had to pick, I'd go with Lesnar winning.

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