Wrestle Review: On Fire
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 07/07/2017 at 10:56 PM

I had just begun to eat supper and got this alert from my ESPN app: WWE has come to terms with the release of Austin Aries. "Future endeavors", blah, blah, blah. Honestly, they weren't using him. I figured when he lost to Neville at WrestleMania that they weren't going to do much with him. Imagine if he went to New Japan!

Speaking of which, I've been watching NJPW and it is awesome! It's great seeing Jushin Liger again. I really enjoy the athleticism. I also love hearing JR live on air again.

Sunday is Great Balls Of Fire. Regardless of anyone's feelings on the name(is this a one-off), there are quite a bit of people looking forward to Samoa Joe v Brock Lesnar, low-key anticipation or not. Imagine all the ball jokes if Jerry Lawler were still commentating. Oh, brother!

Tozawa and Neville will likely be on the pre-show. Neville wins. He's unstoppable. Of course there will be rematches. Who else are they going to put him with?

Reigns and Stroman in an ambulance match. Well, since Roman is clearly challenging for the Universal title at SummerSlam(for now), he is going to beat Braun, right? I say yes.

Miz defends the I-C title against Dean Ambrose. Miz wins since he has his new lackeys, Bo Dallas and the Curtis Axel. Is the fact that the late Curt Hennig's son is simply a lackey disappointing to anyone else? At least he's in a story, though.

In what I call the "Saturday morning Superstars squash match", Big Cass faces his former partner Enzo. It's not hard to figure how this one goes. Cesaro and Sheamus and the Hardy's in an iron man match could steal the show. Do the Hardy's regain the tag belts? I figure they lose and we see the Broken Hardy's, finally.

The Goddess of WWE, Alexa Bliss, and Sasha Banks for the women's title. I think Alexa retains simply because, if nothing else, she is on a roll. I'd wait until SummerSlam to get the title off her. Or at least one of the "Big Four". Seth Rollins will face Bray Wyatt in what I like to call the "eh" match. It's a shame, really. Both guys are former world champions. I think Vince must've had second thoughts with Bray as champ, as it didn't last long. Does it really matter who wins this match?

Roman Reigns will beat Braun Stroman in the ambulance match. He kinda has to, doesn't he? They can't have their #1 contender(assumingly) for the Universal title lose in July but win the title one month later. Though that would set up Stroman as rightful #1 contender, I say Roman wins.

Universal Championship between champion Brock Lesnar and Samoa Joe. When this match was announced, I thought, "no way in hades do they let Joe beat Brock for the title". Now they've built up Joe to make you believe he just might win. I hope so but I say Brock wins a close one. Possibly there's foul play and a rematch at SummerSlam?

I just found out that AJ Styles is your NEW U.S Champion! Won the title at Madison Square Garden tonight over Kevin Owens. So, Owens will in fact be the challenger at Battleground, not Styles as was originally scheduled.

Enjoy Great Balls Of Fire! Lord, that looks and sounds so weird.

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