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"I have been reading your stuff on 411mania and for the longest time now and I have never felt inclined to email in. The general consensus of you not being most popular is harsh at times but also can be well-founded too.8 But I still read your stuff because I do enjoy your articles and find your perspective interesting most of the time.

That said, your article about your friend Megan and trip to Wrestlemnaia was the greatest thing you have ever wrote. Forget about the predictions you brag about getting right. This is your crowning piece. Maybe it is because I can relate as going to Wrestlemania is my ultimate dream and it will be happening next year. But I genuinely loved your article.

Thank you for the great stuff."

- Jay's Ways reader

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My new 411mania column was posted two days ago. It is my monthly reader feedback edition. I respond to YOU! Go check it out.

NRW Happened

After years of talking about a return and months of planning, the big day finally arrived. I could tell you a million stories about all the things that led up to the introductions, but let's just say nothing went right in the hours beforehand. Nothing. A disaster in every single sense of the word...until the match began.

Then all was right in the world.

The video(s) are currently being edited. The rough cut looks great, and I am super excited for the finished product to be done. I always said public viewing options would be revealed at a later date. No promises though on an exact reveal. I don't want to announce anything and then have to go back on my word. It's coming. Remain patient.

If you follow mmonroever on Snapchat or Instagram or whatever (I don't know) there is a little exclusive first look video already posted.

SO much fun and made all the hassle worth it in the end.

How do I know I was satisfied with what we had accomplished? After being awake until about 5 am still jacked up, I ended up sleeping for about 12 hours. With a smile on my face. If you know me, you know sleeping that long straight through is a RARITY! For the first time in months, I slept...and slept...and slept.

It happened.

Stay tuned for the match on my Twitter account (@JustinWatry) for more information.

Next Project

If you follow me on Twitter, you know how important Wednesday was for me in confirming my next venture. I said 2017 would be MY year and full of big events. The groundwork has been laid. Now, I need to just do it.

WWE GBOF Predictions

Enzo Amore vs. Big Cass

I have to give WWE credit here. When the mystery story line began, I was pretty adamant in saying that a Big Cass heel turn now would be a BAD idea. With the tag team division as it is and Brock Lesnar as the bad guy part-timer holding the top prize, it didn't exactly line up. Well, silly me. The reveal was very well done, and Cass showed just enough fire and passion to get me on board. Of course, Enzo and his excellent ability to shed a tear and get kicked in the face helped too. Still, I was hooked. Since then, Raw has actually showcased them in a VERY prominent spot and given them breakup its just due. Kudos for that. Either we get the fluky rollup win and destruction afterwards or just the plain destruction. Either way, the Big Casshole stands tall...and you can't teach that.

WINNER: Big Cass

Bray Wyatt vs. Seth Rollins

Now this is a feud that I didn't care for on paper and has proven me right. No back tracking on this one folks. Seth Rollins is clearly a big part of WWE's present and future, and Bray Wyatt is still just kind of hanging around. Feels like a lifetime ago he was beating AJ Styles and John Cena as the top star on Smackdown LIVE. Heading into WrestleMaia 33 as WWE Champion no less. Not that he had a ton of momentum with the Randy Orton feud on Tuesdays, but this move to Mondays is just more of the same for him. Unsure how to fix that. On Sunday, Rollins gets the victory. I do wonder if Triple H/Stephanie McMahon resume their WM33 story line or not come Summerslam. Seth should be doing some high profile stuff soon.

WINNER: Seth Rollins

Ambulance Match: Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns

Probably the payoff to them fighting each other since January. I am fin with that. As great as it has been and all the wacky catchphrases used by both, it has been six months. WWE, wisely, got a lot out of these two monsters going at it...but it is time to move on. Brock Lesnar and the Universal Championship await. As does Summerslam in August. If the company wants to use Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns as their new 'go-to' main event for RAW and live events, fine. Do it. As for WWE Network specials and big pay-per-views, the matches are finished. Since this is an Ambulance Match, nobody will actually be pinned. That does put the outcome in doubt, kinda. However, since Reigns lost clean as can be last time and has been pretty much destroyed since their Fastlane battle, I am going with The Big Dog. Finish off the feud on a high note and the good guy celebrating. As it should.

WINNER: Roman Reigns

Raw Tag Team Title 30-Minute Iron Man Match: Champions Sheamus & Cesaro vs. The Hardys

Another gimmick bout for the Hardyz to lose without actually losing. I am cool with that. We complain when stars go 50/50, and then we complain when a strong team is made to look strong? Um, no. Can't have it both ways. The Hardyz deserve to look good more often than not, so yeah, their defeats will come with an asterisk a lot. Sheamus and Cesaro are the heels, so expect some funky business down the stretch. For the other 29 minutes, I will enjoy these two hard hitting teams clash one more time. Like other stuff on Raw, it is time to move on to new beginnings.

WINNER: Sheamus & Cesaro

WWE IC Title Match: Champion The Miz vs. Dean Ambrose

No explanation needed.


WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match: Champion Neville vs. Akira Tozawa

Neville wins. I will say that I like Akira Tozawa. He was one of the main cruiserweights who actually got a reaction in Milwaukee during Fastlane. I know that was back in February, but it is my only live experience seeing him. The reports are true-fans dig him. Enough to beat Neville for the title? Ah! Ah! Ah! No.

WINNER: Neville

Raw Women’s Championship Match: Champion Alexa Bliss vs. Sasha Banks

Goodness gracious! This match may be more intense than Samoa Joe vs. Brock Lesnar. No joke, I am not really sure what will happen here. I know I am picking Alexa Bliss to retain because we need a stable title holder for awhile. At the same time, WWE is back on the Sasha Banks hype train. All that for a loss? Doubtful. My guess is this is the cheap disqualification non-finish bout on PPV. Getting one of those per month is fine, if it goes with the story being told. With Bliss and Banks-it makes sense. A giant brawl to start and a giant brawl to end. Champ retains but not without a few battle wounds.


WWE Universal Championship Match: Champion Brock Lesnar vs. Samoa Joe

In the past month, there has been a push to ditch long-term plans with Brock Lesnar/WM34 and just ride the momentum in Samoa Joe right now. I get the logic. I understand striking while the iron is hot. I am well aware of taking advantage of an unforeseen opportunity falling into your lap. I get it. At the same time, that same thought process has us with Jinder Mahal holding the WWE Championship and countless other "Sure. Why not?" decisons. Obviously, Joe is deserving and a million times better than Mahal, so the comparison is not quite up to snuff, but you get the point. The company had/had major plans for Brock during the final year of his contract. We know that. Joe will surely get other chances and be a success win or lose on Sunday against The Beast. Save the whining and complaining come 10pm on Sunday. It will be alright. I know he is an internet darling and has to crush the dreaded part-timer, but relax. This reminds me of Royal Rumble 2009 where ALL the logic and momentum in the world told us Jeff Hardy would dethrone Randy Orton for the WWE Title. It just HAD to happen, everybody said. Well, no. It didn't. Hardy lost clean, everybody lost their minds, we saw what happened next, it was very fitting, and later in the year when the time was right, Hardy got his moment...and many more moments afterwards. I do not feel like this is a MUST win for Samoa Joe. On the flip side, for Brock and WWE's master plans into 2018, he MUST remain Universal Champion.

WINNER: Brock Lesnar

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