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July 7, 2017

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Here is a special ViRTUEís RAGE From the Vault. This is perhaps one of the best guest articles I have ever had. Yes, it is even better than the Clueless Wrestling Columnist articles. Enjoy Vengeanceís open letter to Martha Hart...

Open Letter to Martha Hart

Alright, before I get down to business, I figure I should give you all an introduction. My ďgood friendĒ Virtue has allowed me to pop in occasionally on his column to enlighten you, the wrestling fans. While deciding what kind of column to write, I decided doing a series of ďopen lettersĒ which will allow me to address a different topic in each column. Nothing is off limits for me. You may agree with my viewpoints and reasoning, and you may not. Frankly, I donít care either way. Hopefully, Iíll have made at least some of you think about the things I address here. Now, without further ado, letís get to it. Today, an open letter to Martha Hart.

Dear Martha,

When are you going to let Owen into the WWE Hall of Fame? Look, I donít mean any disrespect, I really donít. Iím also not going to pretend I know what itís like to have my spouse die tragically as a result of their employers negligence. I can, however, understand why you donít want anything to do with Vince McMahon, and the WWE as a whole. Believe me, I do not like Vince McMahon, but thatís a topic for another letter. You not allowing Owen to be part of the WWE posthumously, is only hurting his fans.

Hear me out. Owen is, hands down, my favorite wrestler of all time. He was going toe to toe with the likes of Jushin Liger and Keiji Mutoh in Japan in the late 80s. Iím not going to list his many accomplishments, but perhaps I should. You see, while Owen was in the WWF/WWE, he was constantly overshadowed by not only his brother, but practically the entire roster. Sure, he had some big feuds, and big matches such as his match against Bret at Wrestlemania X, his feud with Triple H and DX, or his infamous battles with Steve Austin, but he was always kept out of the top spot. And it wasnít because he wasnít good enough. We all know it was due to WWE politics.

As a huge fan of his, I had to sit there and watch as Vince and company under utilized his talent, and put him into one ridiculous and/or stupid angle after another. To Owenís credit, he made everything they threw at him great; just another example of how truly talented he was. I look at his career in WWE, and it upsets me. He couldíve been a great, top heel. Hell, he couldíve been THE great top heel in the company, but those spots went to others. But I digress.

The point is, Martha, that Owen was under appreciated, and underrated during his career, and that was WWEís fault. But the fact that heís under appreciated and underrated now, is your fault. I realize you probably think you donít want to give Vince the satisfaction of profiting off of Owen, whether itís through merchandising, or the Hall of Fame, or what not. But Iíve got news for you-Vince doesnít give a crap. Yeah, heíll happily use Owenís Hall of Fame induction to make a few extra bucks on licensing, or T-shirts, or DVD sales, but he sure as hell is not losing sleep over you keeping Owen away from anything WWE. You are, however, keeping him away from us, his fans. And not just us, but all the younger fans out there who have no idea who he was, and what he meant to professional wrestling. Look at Eddie Guerrero. He was a great wrestler who also died too soon. His fans not only get to celebrate his life and career, but largely because the WWE can honor him publicly, new fans get to learn about his legacy. I canít do that with Owen. Sure, I can watch old YouTube clips, and I do, but itís not the same. You arenít keeping Owen from Vince and the WWE, youíre keeping Owen from me, and from all of his fans...and from all of the fans out there that should know about his legacy.

I want to see Owen be rightfully celebrated. I want that chance to watch Bret induct his younger brother into the Hall of Fame. I want younger fans who never got the chance to see Owen wrestle in person to discover him, discover his talents, and have the chance to be inspired by him like so many before. I want all of that, Martha. But you are keeping it from happening, and in that sense, youíre no better than Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

Best wishes,


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