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The Latin American Xchange (Ortiz and Santana) (c) vs. Drago and El Hijo del Fantasma vs. Naomichi Marufuji and Taiji Ishimori vs. Laredo Kid and Garza Jr.
- The PPV kicked off with a shot of the Anthem Owl in the ring. Representatives from different promotions were introduced on the ramp. The match was under Lucha rules which meant anybody could tag in or out. This was a fun, fast-paced match although it was a bit of a cluster at times. Drago slipped on the top rope at one point. One criticism would be that there were too many instances where guys were breaking up pinfalls. Homicide got involved and hit a Gringo Killer on the ring apron. Laredo Kid got a nearfall on Santana but it wasn't enough and LAX hit their finisher to retain the titles. After the match, Konnan said LAX has a new member and the "takeover will be complete." The Robert Flores and Don West team was a nice improvement at the commentary desk with West in particular carrying things well.

DeAngelo Williams and Moose vs. Chris Adonis and Eli Drake
- Moose and Williams came out with cheerleaders. Moose had control early but Drake wanted Williams in the ring which Moose made happen. Williams did a few moves on Drake and looked fine. Just like Laredo did, Drake slipped on the ropes. Williams did some more moves and had a very respectable showing. A table ended up being brought into the ring. Williams saved Moose from getting put through a table. Williams did a frog splash to Adonis onto the table (table didn't break) for the finish. After the match, Williams/Moose decided that the table was going to break and Moose put Drake through the table with a powerbomb.

Ethan Carter III vs. James Storm in a strap match
- Storm had control early and whipped EC3 with the strap. On the outside, Storm used the strap's momentum to slam EC3 onto the apron. EC3 gained control and choked Storm with the strap. EC3 got handcuffs from under the ring but Storm fought back and locked EC3 into the ropes. Storm ended up whipping EC3 a total of 32 times. Storm hit EC3's 1 percenter finisher for a nearfall. EC3 took his strap off on the outside and then pulled Storm into the ring post. EC3 made a comeback and hit the 1 percenter for a nearfall. Storm hit a last call super kick but collapsed to the mat afterwards. Storm was selling the shot into the ring post from earlier. EC3 pinned Storm to pick up the win and officials helped Storm out afterwards. This was a good match.

Jeremy Borash and Joseph Park vs. Josh Mathews and Scott Steiner
- The Pope came out to do commentary for the match. Steiner (wearing a shirt) came out and ripped up a fan's sign. There was also no Steiner promo. It started with Mathews and Parks. Borash tagged in but then Steiner tagged in and Borash tagged back out. Mathews did a dive off the top onto Parks and Borash. Steiner grabbed a barricade and Borash/Parks ran away to the backstage area. At this point, the match turned into a Final Deletion-style segment. Steiner/Mathews were chasing Borash/Parks in a golf cart and then a car with Steiner yelling "fat asses!" at them. Borash and Mathews ended up fighting in a pool with Shark Boy appearing in the water. Meanwhile, Father James Mitchell confronted Joseph Parks. Steiner/Mathews chased Borash back into the ring with Parks missing. Borash speared Mathews but it was still two on one. Shark Boy came out and tried to help but Steiner suplexed him. Abyss then came out with James Mitchell and cleaned house. Abyss slammed Mathews onto thumb tacks and Borash hit a frogsplash. Abyss pinned Borash. This exceeded expectations and turned into a very entertaining match.

Eddie Edwards and Alisha Edwards vs. Davey Richards and Angelina Love
- Edwards and Alisha jumped Richards and Love during the heels' entrance. Edwards started selling his knee and the heels got the advantage. The faces regained control with trash can lids and kendo stick shots. Edwards power bombed Alisha onto Richards. Alisha power bombed Love through a table and Edwards did a sunset flip power bomb to Richards off the ladder through the table for the win! This was a really fast-paced match and actually felt too short. It was a satisfying ending to the feud, though.

Sonjay Dutt (c) vs. Low-Ki for the X-Division Title
- It started off slow with them feeling each other out. The crowd did dueling chants. Low Ki picked up the first fall with the Warrior's Way. Low Ki sold his ankle but was playing possum and got a near fall on Dutt. Dutt was laid outside the ring on steel steps and Low Ki tried to do a Warrior’s Way but missed. Dutt pinned Low Ki with a counter to win the 2nd fall. The two started trading blows and Low Ki started selling his hand. Dutt hit a series of kicks onto Low Ki. Dutt pinned Low Ki with a moonsault into a Warrior's Way to retain the X-Division title.

Rosemary (Impact) vs. Sienna (GFW) women's title unification match
- Gail Kim was introduced for the first of two unification matches. Rosemary had a nice entrance with several minions dressed up like her. Laurel Van Ness came out early into the match and the crowd booed. Sienna yelled at Van Ness and Van Ness was sent to the back by KM. For me, this angle with Van Ness coming out was the first big miss on this show. Van Ness came back out again and during the distraction, Sienna used the belt but Rosemary kicked out. After using mist, Sienna was able to beat Rosemary by submission. Rosemary felt like she had momentum and I wasn't a fan of how this match was booked.

- Jeff Jarrett came out for a promo to thank the fans.

Lashley (Impact) (with King Mo) vs. Alberto El Patron (GFW) (with Dos Caras)
- El Patron came out with his father and brother. Jeremy Borash was back out for the ring introductions. Jeff Jarrett held up both belts. There was friction on the outside early with Dos Caras chopping King Mo. Lashley did a death valley driver from the middle rope but El Patron kicked out. El Patron regained control and got a near fall from a double foot stomp. King Mo had a steel chair and then exchanged words with El Patron. Lashley hit a spear on El Patron for a near fall. El Patron speared Lashley to the outside. Dos Caras gave King Mo a low blow. Lashley shoved Dos Caras. El Patron took advantage of distraction and hit the double stomp to win the match. The Jarrett family came out to celebrate with El Patron. It wasn't that the match was bad, but it really did not feel like a big deal and I felt the show needed a major cliffhanger at the end to get people interested in watching next week. Also, Josh Mathews and JB are back on commentary next week. What a turn-off.

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