J Says: Thoughts on This Week in WWE 6/26 - 6/29
Submitted by J. Elam on 06/29/2017 at 11:02 AM

Monday Night Raw:

1. Enzo and Cass: As much as I'm against this feud, both guys have done a great job selling it. Completely fell for the tease of them reuniting. It was well done all around. For a moment, I began to think Enzo would've just offered his services to be Cass' manager, rather than tag team partner, but WWE is sticking to the whole split them up storyline.

2. Braun Strowman/Roman Reigns - Ambulance match. Highly unlikely it'll be a bad match. Roman's going to bump like a madman for Braun, and both guys with beat the hell out of each other. Hopefully this match sees the end of their feud for the foreseeable since it'll likely get old if it goes any longer.

3. Women's Gauntlet match: Nia bulldozed through all the women, minus Alicia Fox, until she got to Sasha Banks. Sasha was able to lock in the Banks Statement on an already tired Nia and got her to tap. Nia came out looking strong, since it took going through the rest of the women, so Nia can always claim she'd have beaten Sasha were she at 100%.



1. Women's MITB: Rematch from MITB. At the top of the show, Daniel Bryan banned James Ellsworth from ringside as to prevent him from once again interfering in the match. WWE security sucks, so obviously Ellsworth was able to somewhat interfere anyway. He attempted to climb the ladder yet again, until Becky Lynch thwarted his attempt by knocking the ladder over, leading to Ellsworth landing atop the ropes. They built the match around Tamina again for some reason. She's got bad knees, and is really only good for her superkick. They could've built it around Charlotte and/or Becky Lynch, the 2 strongest workers in the match. Might even throw Nattie in there. She's not great, but she knows what she's doing.

After all the dust settles, they have Carmella win it yet again. It almost feels like a waste of time. They did all that, just to basically have the exact same finish.

2. New Day gets a tag title shot just by asking? Daniel Bryan made the Hype Bros earn their title shot, yet he's OK with just letting New Day say they want a shot and that's it? It's lack of logic like that that makes me question when people say SmackDown is clearly superior to Raw. They makes the same mistakes Raw does, yet they're given a pass somehow.



NXT Women's CHampionship: I can't say that I'm an NXT watcher, but this match was worth it. Both women kept hitting each other with nearly anything within an arms reach. But neither wanted to stay down. I was a little disappointed in the finish though. I'd expected Nikki to win, thus ending Asuka's undefeated streak. There's really no need for Asuka to be in NXT anymore. She's more than ready for the main roster. Plus, she's starting to get up there in wrestling years, so they may as well get whatever they can out of her. Let Nikki, Ember, and the others carry the division.

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