Hulk Hogan Will Never Be Fully Deleted
Submitted by Steve Perry on 06/25/2017 at 04:04 AM

In light of the scandal involving racist comments on a sex tape, WWE has decided not only to part ways with Hulk Hogan, but appears to also be in the midst of the Great Hulkamania Purge™. During this, WWE is removing every shred of Hulk Hogan from their websites, product, and any other place where they can rather effortlessly delete the Hulkster from existence.

Unfortunately for WWE, this is an uphill battle that they will never, ever win.

It seems that the default public relations process these days is “DELETE DELETE DELETE” like Matt Hardy. We saw it in regards to the Confederate flag and calls for it to be removed from South Carolina’s statehouse. Regardless of how you feel toward it, when Apple began deleting Civil War games from the App Store solely because they had the Confederate flag in them, we knew the business world was in the midst of an overreaction. And it’s no surprise that the Great Hulkamania Purge™ is WWE’s latest overreaction.

The last time WWE attempted to delete someone from their history like this was with everyone’s favorite double-murderer, Chris Benoit. To a point, this worked. Benoit was a relatively unknown person outside of the wrestling business. He wasn’t exactly a movie or TV star, so the world has safely forgotten about Chris Benoit unless you’re talking about Chris Benoit.

This cannot and WILL not work with Hulk Hogan.

Do we need a history lesson? Hulk Hogan was the era-defining superstar of the 1980s. He was one of the biggest reasons that WWE was so successful as it grew from a wrestling company into an entertainment juggernaut. He is, without a doubt, the most well-known pro wrestler in the history of the world. Even people who don’t follow wrestling know Hulk Hogan. He’s iconic, legendary, and will forever be linked one in one with WWE.

WWE could purge Benoit because he was, in the grand scheme of things, a bit player. Hulk Hogan was the literal face of WWE for decades upon decades, and even when he went to WCW, it was shocking because he LEFT WWE. Hogan was part of a group that revolutionized the business, but he’ll never be remembered as a WCW guy. He’s a WWE guy. Always has been, always will be.

WWE’s attempt to censor and erase Hogan from their history for a few nasty racist comments is utterly over-the-top and is doomed to fail completely. I agree that Hogan should have been fired from WWE, his contract ended and no longer part of Tough Enough. That makes sense, that’s smart. But WWE cannot erase Hogan simply because it’s IMPOSSIBLE.

So, I’m sorry, Vince. I’m sorry, Hunter. I’m sorry, Stephanie. Hulk Hogan will, for the rest of his existence and for the rest of yours, be remembered as the biggest star WWE has ever made, and he will always be part of WWE’s Mount Rushmore… whether you like it or not.

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