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June 18, 2017

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Nothing is Sacred in Wrestling

Delay! Delay! Delay! Delay! Delay! Here I am once again putting a slight delay on my column about Roman Reigns and John Cena. To be honest with you, I have it all in my head, but I have not been able to put in into text for you all to enjoy just yet. I want it to be some of the best material I have ever written, hence the delay. In the meantime, my interest has been peaked by the recent Bray Wyatt & JoJo alleged affair. As you all know by now, Wyatt’s wife has allegedly filed for divorce because of suspicions of adultery (w/JoJo) on the part of Bray. As much as I would like to give my full and detailed opinion on this matter, it is obviously way too soon. If this is indeed absolutely true, all I can say is SHAME ON YOU, MR. ROTUNDA & JOJO! SHAME ON YOU! Again, until the facts are more relevant than just the supposed allegations, I will keep my distance from any criticism.

This actually brings up another topic I have wanted to discuss for a while now: love triangles in professional wrestling. Is anything sacred in wrestling anymore? Kayfabe is seemingly long gone, and life on the road often wields to not being able to resist temptations, thus allowing infidelity to incur. Not knowing the details of many personal situations, all we can do is speculate. However, when these types of affairs happen far too often, things start to become very worrisome and potentially toxic in this profession. The world is far from being a perfect place to live and exist, especially the professional wrestling world. Nonetheless, many human beings still have a lot to learn about effort and will power. And maybe that in itself is the problem. We are all HUMAN and mistakes simply cannot be omitted from our existence. For the sake of too much controversy, I will now take a different approach on this matter and strictly talk about the top five “storyline” love triangles that I have been captivated by over the years and how they elevated at least one of the three involved. #Swerve

5) Bryan/AJ Lee/Punk: It was not that long ago that these three were the hottest thing in WWE from 2011-2014. Let’s be honest, that is the STONE COLD truth, and WWE was better for it. In fact, I will touch base in my Reigns/Cena column how this mini era may have ultimately affected what fans expect from today’s top wrestlers. By the time this love triangle storyline began, Punk was already established as a new top guy in WWE after his infamous pipe bomb on Raw in Las Vegas. However, Bryan and AJ were still on the cusp of superstardom. This is a prime example of how good creative writing can help elevate wrestlers to the next level. On an episode of SmackDown, AJ actually kissed both Bryan and Punk within seconds of each other. I guess it was slobberin’ time! You cannot get much more dramatic than that. And guess what? The rest is history because both AJ and Bryan went on to get huge pushes as top champions after this love triangle story with CM Punk.

4) Sullivan/Woman/Benoit: Does anyone remember this angle in WCW? Because I sure do. In my opinion, this angle helped put Chris Benoit on the map in WCW. What started as a worked on-screen affair between Benoit and Woman (Nancy Sullivan) eventually turned into a real-life affair between the two. This angle was booked so realistic to where Benoit and Woman had to share hotel rooms and hold hands in public. Eventually, fiction turned into reality. Despite this real life drama, Benoit and Kevin Sullivan went on to have a classic feud that most fans forgot in the wake of the formation and rise of the nWo. It culminated at Bash at the Beach 1997 when Benoit defeated Sullivan in a Retirement Match. A new star in Chris Benoit was born.

3) Test/Stephanie/Triple H: Everyone wants to always talk about Kurt Angle/Stephanie/Triple H, but long before that angle, there was the one with Test. Although Test ultimately ended up in midcard obscurity after this, Triple H and Stephanie became the power couple of WWE. This angle began after Test defeated Shane McMahon at SummerSlam 1999 and later went on to get engaged to Stephanie in the storyline. After Stephanie was hit with a trash can by the British Bulldog, she developed “amnesia”. The wedding would still be planned, and on the night of the wedding, Test defeated Triple H in a quick match; however, Triple H would then reveal the infamous video where he and a drugged Stephanie got married via a drive-through wedding in Las Vegas. Soon after, Stephanie would turn on Test and the McMahon-Helmsley Era began. Love is just a four letter word! Poor Test…

2) Macho Man/Elizabeth/Hogan: I am pretty sure this is wrestling’s #1 love triangle of all-time in many people’s eyes. But for me, it is only #2. Don’t get me wrong because it was definitely great. Macho Man became the WWF Champion after winning a tournament and defeating Ted DiBiase at WM4, but only thanks to help from none other than Hulk Hogan. The seeds of this love triangle had thus been planted. The Mega Powers would subsequently form, and then by WM5, they would collide as Hogan defeated Savage to win back the WWF title. This led to one of the most epic heel runs ever by Savage. This angle ultimately established him as the top heel in WWF and parlayed into his Macho King gimmick with Sensational Sherri as his valet. Eventually, Savage would wrestle the Ultimate Warrior in a Retirement Match at WM7, where he lost but reunited with Elizabeth after that match. What a masterpiece of a story that lasted nearly three years.

1) Matt Hardy/Lita/Edge: And finally, here is the love triangle that was based on real-life events which ultimately got Matt Hardy fired from WWE. However, since the Internet wrestling community was now in full swing by this time, the fans spoke and Matt was brought back to WWE. Of course, Vince McMahon would have it no other way, and this real-life love triangle had become an actual WWE storyline. One would think that this situation would have really catapulted the singles career of Matt; however, that was definitely not the case. Edge actually was the one to benefit from this angle’s momentum and went on to be an 11-time World/WWE Champion. Matt would struggle to find his singles identity back then and he seemingly would always be dubbed Jeff’s brother. Jeff even went on to become WWE Champion. Poor Matt! But we all know Matt eventually found gold with the “Broken” gimmick last year. It sucks he cannot use it right now in WWE. Perhaps Matt is cursed in WWE, but only time will tell. Despite all this real-life drama between Matt and Edge, they still both found happiness and now have families, but ironically not with Lita…

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