Jay's Ways - WWE MITB 2017 Preview
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"I have been reading your stuff on 411mania and for the longest time now and I have never felt inclined to email in. The general consensus of you not being most popular is harsh at times but also can be well-founded too. But I still read your stuff because I do enjoy your articles and find your perspective interesting most of the time.

That said, your article about your friend Megan and trip to Wrestlemnaia was the greatest thing you have ever wrote. Forget about the predictions you brag about getting right. This is your crowning piece. Maybe it is because I can relate as going to Wrestlemania is my ultimate dream and it will be happening next year. But I genuinely loved your article.

Thank you for the great stuff."

- Jay's Ways reader

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WWE MITB 2017 Preview

Hype Bros vs. The Colons was added late as the Kickoff match. Nobody cares. I am more focused on Mojo Rawley turning heel than anything. He has potential in that role.

Smackdown Women’s Championship Match: Champion Naomi vs. Lana

Maybe the toughest bout on the show to predict. Since Naomi won the Smackdown Live Womens Title in Orlando (must be that mysterious hometown curse I keep reading about) near the end of WrestleMania 33, the blue brand has not had much of anything for the division. The Superstar Shakeup rightfully sent over Charlotte, which was the right move and something I predicted in advance. The only problem is Alexa Bliss left...and Tamina Snuka returned from injury. Tough to do much in the title scene. Thus, Lana is back in the fold and instantly getting a chance to become champion. Normally, I'd say this should be a quick win for Naomi, and the title holder retains without issue. Except Jinder Mahal is WWE Champion. There are no rules anymore. Lana has barely had a match in WWE, and I believe she gets a title this Sunday. Strange? Yes. Welcome to the land of opportunity, where everybody and I mean EVERYBODY is getting a chance.


Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match: Champions The Usos vs. The New Day

Yester Day are the same trio they were on the red brand. Their New Orleans themed entrance got them crickets on Tuesday night from the live crowd. Pretty bad when even sucking up to the party town gets them nothing. The act had a big refresh heading over to Smackdown, yet it has resulted in nothing so far. Same jokes. Same guys. Same routine. Same jokes that fly way over my head half the time none of it makes any sense. Makes me long for the days of saying Bootyos every other line. The Usos keep their belts and can face Hype Bros next. Or that American Alpha team...remember them?

WINNER: The Usos

Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Natalya vs. Tamina vs. Carmella

Tamina Snuka won't win. Natalya won't win. Becky Lynch won't win, but I certainly wouldn't mind her victory leading to a heel turn down the road. Carmella is likely going to win...but I refuse to give her my prediction for the sole fact that it would mean more James Ellsworth. More him being on my TV screen. Him carrying around the briefcase. Him being a clown. Him...under a contract with WWE. Carmella fits the mold if they want a heel to cash in. My vote? Charlotte. Let Ms. Flair make history (or herstory) once again and add another layer to her ever growing legacy. Tease a clean cash-in only to lead her back down the bad route of going after a vulnerable champ. Dominant and arrogant Charlotte is best, especially if Asuka is heading to the blue brand at the end of 2017. Woo!

WINNER: Charlotte

Money in the Bank Ladder Match: AJ Styles vs. Baron Corbin vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Sami Zayn vs. Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Kevin Owens

I'd actually close the pay-per-view with this cluster, considering I think Jinder Mahal will retain the WWE Title in a solid but unspectacular match. Like most multi-person bouts, the best way to predict a winner is via process of elimination. Okay, Dolph Ziggler is out. Shinsuke Nakamura is out, even though Randy Orton also posed with the briefcase before the 2013 event, and he won. Expect others to mention the ending of Smackdown Live to mean he will automatically lose - another internet fallacy. You know, like Samoa Joe winning on Raw before Extreme Rules. Anyways, I don't think Nakamura will win, but it has nothing to do with how a show ends. AJ Styles is out. Kevin Owens out. However, he may look goo carrying around a briefcase for months on end waiting for Chris Jericho to return. Like I said in my preview column weeks ago, it all comes down to Sami Zayn and Baron Corbin. One is heavily favored and rumored; the other is always SO close but also so, so, so far away. Personally, my bet is on Corbin to add on top of his Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal resume. For the sake of watching live Sunday night and having a rooting interest, I will be cheering on Sami Zayn...

WINNER: Sami Zayn

WWE Championship Match: Champion Jinder Mahal vs. Randy Orton

Jinder Mahal will defeat Randy Orton to retain the WWE Championship. For the company to go this far with the guy, they can't go back now. It would be like The Undertaker quickly dethroning JBL of the gold in summer 2004. Whether the experiment works or not (so far not), you need more than a month to tell the entire story. Having this take place in St, Louis makes it a bit more interesting. What legends will be there for Mr. RKO? Does his father get involved? Is a new actress playing his wife going to attend? Can't imagine this is all leading to another Orton heel turn. However, something is going on here. Too many mentions of St. Louis for there NOT to be any controversy. Mahal wins in screwjob fashion, fans boo, and we see if television ratings get any lower before John Cena comes back. Then the true battleground begins.

WINNER: Jinder Mahal


T-minus 24 hours! We have arrived folks. The return of #NRW is at 6:05pm on Saturday, June 17th. Public viewing options will be revealed at a later date, so stay tuned. One epic triple threat match for the ages, Fallen vs. Crazy Case vs. New Moon! Lots of teasers on my Twitter account, as well as my Youtube page linked below. The time for hype has ended. All that remains is the action.

After years of talking about NRW returning and months of planning, it's happening...

Music by Steve Madsen (@TriP03 on Twitter), courtesy of The Resonant Complex.

It's happening...

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