A Look at the Brand Expansion
Submitted by Steve Perry on 05/19/2017 at 06:13 PM

I’ve always defended the brand split for the same reasons I like it now and will continue to defend it. I love that it gives more opportunities to more talent. Forget the influx of titles, this is a chance for more people to be at every level of the card. More main eventers, more mid-carders, just plain more chances for talent to succeed. Don’t like Roman Reigns? You can watch AJ Styles on Smackdown Live instead. Hate Baron Corbin but love Dean Ambrose? Maybe Raw is more your thing.

With its own weekly show and PPVs and angles, each brand – NXT included – offers something unique for every sort of fan. Raw is a lot like the regular WWE: angle and superstar heavy. Unlike the term “Superstar” that WWE uses, I mean ‘superstar’ in the more general and generic sort of way. SD Live is a lot like NXT: less superstars and more younger talent putting on fantastic matches. NXT is all about new faces or talent that is new to WWE, allowing you to see talent develop before they are promoted to the main roster. The latter brand is exclusive to the WWE Network, along with Raw’s cruiserweight show, 205 Live, referring to the company’s arbitrary weight limit for cruiserweight athletes.

The fact that there is something for any sort of fan allows it to truly stand out. It also means that the talent has to be on the road or WWE can run many more tours without potentially injuring a top star for both shows. An injury can only effect one show which is bad news for that talent but good news for the business.

Having a brand split is good for everyone involved: the fans, the talent, and the business, for all of the reasons mentioned above. The brand split is something that WWE needs to have and keep, for the sake of the talent involved in each brand, at the time. The increase in titles doesn’t bother me because it’s all more opportunity for the wrestlers involved. This means that the new champions get even more time in the spotlight.

Suffice it to say, the brand split is outstanding and I’m glad WWE did it again.

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