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"I have been reading your stuff on 411mania and for the longest time now and I have never felt inclined to email in. The general consensus of you not being most popular is harsh at times but also can be well-founded too. But I still read your stuff because I do enjoy your articles and find your perspective interesting most of the time.

That said, your article about your friend Megan and trip to Wrestlemnaia was the greatest thing you have ever wrote. Forget about the predictions you brag about getting right. This is your crowning piece. Maybe it is because I can relate as going to Wrestlemania is my ultimate dream and it will be happening next year. But I genuinely loved your article.

Thank you for the great stuff."

- Jay's Ways reader Plug

New WWE Backlash column posted on 411mania. More stuff coming soon. Keep clicking on my columns, exclusive content you won't read anywhere else.

Here it is:

Trust Your Gut Instinct

If you have not read my last column yet, I highly advise you all to do so. It was a nice look at 'trust' in the wrestling. Plus, it featured another one of my great stories...with an update (part two) to come in the future. Very intriguing read and well worth your five minutes.

Here it is:

NXT Takeover Chicago Preview

Roderick Strong vs. Eric Young - Finally a reason to care about Roderick Strong! Finally. Those videos following his journey to the wrestling ring were fantastic. I thought for sure I'd be teary eyed by the end (I don't cry at all), but I barely made it. Such a job well done to everybody behind the scenes at NXT for putting that together. Besides the joy of welcoming a child with the love of his life, this is sure to do wonders for his professional career - which was the entire point. Sadly, I can not say the same for Eric Young and Sanity. The breakout star of that stable has been Nikki Cross, not any of the guys. Thus, I suspect Strong will look strong here (ha!) and win. Kudos to all for making me care about Roddy. Tough task accomplished.

WINNER: Roderick Strong

WWE UK Title Match: Champion Tyler Bate vs. Pete Dunne - Usually, NXT is pretty straight forward and predictable in its' presentation (which is a good thing). However, I actually find this card to be fairly unpredictable. I do not think we are in store for any major shocking moments or anything, but Chicago should be on fire for a memorable show with a few twists and turns. The WWE UK Championship match is right at the top of my list in "who the heck is going to win?" discussions. The obvious answer is Tyler Bate retains and moves forward as champ for the new brand coming to the WWE Network. However, he has held the title since January and outside of a couple of NXT appearances, the man did a whole lot of nothing. Partially WWE's fault obviously. Well, maybe entirely WWE's fault. Still, I wonder if Pete Dunne can be the bruising heel at the top during the launch of the Untitled UK Show debuting soon. I will pick a title change but not feel confident in it. Let's just hope for a very good match that is well received. Be kind Chicago. Don't 205 Live this UK thing right off the bat.

WINNER: Pete Dunne

NXT Women’s Title Match: Champion Asuka vs. Ruby Riot vs. Nikki Cross - Okay, Asuka wins. She still has a showdown (and eventual loss) with Ember Moon down the road. Unless that changes with the new signings? Either way, as great as Cross has been, she is better suited to not hold a title. Just let her run wild all over the building and do her thing. Been a highlight on NXT the past month or so. Ruby Riot is still new and gaining fan support. The feud with Cross is something worth building. I'd have that go until Summerslam weekend if possible. Cross and Riot in an epic street fight or something. Guaranteed to tear the house down. Long story short: Asuka is developing her heel act little by little before going to the main roster (has to be sometime in 2017, right?), and I see an easy victory on Saturday.


NXT Tag Team Title Ladder Match: Champions The Authors of Pain vs. DIY - Hmm, the two big giants have yet to be pinned or made to submit. Hmm, William Regal is making them defend their gold in a bout where the winner can be decided without a pin or submission. Hmm, this may be DIY's final shot at the belts. Hmm. Flip a coin here. The bout will surely feature a lot of high flying from the good guys and power moves by the heels...the outcome, though, is a mystery. Heads or tails, call it in the air!


EDIT: This was written a few days ago. Can I change my mind now?

NXT Title Match: Champion Bobby Roode vs. Hideo Itami - About time we get to see a real GTS in Chicago! I kid, I kid. If you have been reading my Jay's Ways columns since March, you know what I think will happen this Saturday. Not only will Bobby Roode retain, but he will get some help. Let's just say it will be a miracle if Hideo Itami wins the belt this weekend. Good build for him in recent weeks but not meant to be. Roode has other big name opponents lined up for future Takeover live specials and more main events ahead of him in NXT. Itami will deliver the masterpiece we have been waiting for since his arrival - just no celebratory championship party at the end of the evening. He can go to sleep happy but without a victory...

WINNER: Bobby Roode


The return. It's happening.

Stay tuned to @JustinWatry on Twitter for more details. Soon.

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