London smashed it!!!
Submitted by Ryan Latino on 05/14/2017 at 02:08 PM

What an amazing couple of days up in London for the television tapings of RAW and Smackdown with 205 live as an added extra. To be surrounded by thousands of people all with the same excitement and anticipation as we took over the O2 arena. After all these years as a fan and going to many house shows I was intrigued to see how it was being taped and where all the camera's were positioned. When you watch it on TV you guess where the camera's are set and I genuinely believed there were more cameras around the ring and along the stage but it wasn't. I felt I was at a house show as it flowed very well with limited interruption.

Being up in the rafters for RAW but still being able to see everything was great as Dean Ambrose's music kicked in to start off the show. With a typical British crowd and the chants of 'Deano' soured through the arena. The chemistry he had with the Miz was apparent from the programme they had on Smackdown. Finn Balor had a great reaction from the crowd and Balor Club was in full swing.

A theme from the night was the disappointment in the women's matches. Short with a suspect finish. None more so than the match with Alexa and Mickie James where the high point was the heel tactics of Alexa to work the arm. I expected more from both matches and us the crowd seem subdued to the unexpected finishes.
Tag team turmoil was great in making Cesaro and Sheamus look strong and it was never in question that they would finish as winners even with Gallows and Anderson entering the fray. It seems they are destined for mediocrity in WWE unless something dramatically changes.

The biggest reaction was for the Hardyz and it was such a shame we didn't get to hear them talk or wrestle. However the huge pop they got was well deserved and took me back to being a teenager.

If that pop was loud the boos that Roman Reigns received were off the charts and it's interesting to watch it back and see how much editing was done on the show as it felt like it was tonned down to make him look like he was getting cheered.

Joe and Rollins had a much better match on RAW than at Payback it was such a shame with the bogus finish but it continues the feud and had the crowd wanting more. Always a good sign.
The main event had Ambrose verses Wyatt and it had everything you want when these two face off except maybe some fighting in the crowd. For me Ambrose stole the show and after RAW went off air he had great interaction with the crowd and had us in the palm of his hand wanting more.

RAW was great but Smackdown was even better. There was a different vibe in the arena and the crowd was on fire from the first minute. The two hours flew by and the main event was PPV quality. To see Styles, Orton, Zayn and Owens up close and personal was brilliant. More surprising to me was how big Randy Orton was. He even looked bigger than Corbin. Every match had a reaction from the crowd and we were in full swing dancing along to Breezedango.

It was an amazing couple of days in London and a shout out to my mates Kieran and Sam for going with me. Here's hoping one day that we will be taking that trip again but instead it will be to see a Wrestlemania or Summerslam as we definitely deserve it here in the UK.

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