House of horrors = Little house on prairie!
Submitted by Ryan Latino on 05/07/2017 at 03:44 PM

I really tried to like the House of horrors match at Payback even to the point that before writing my opinion column this week I went through the pain of watching it a second time. I'll give WWE plaudits for trying something different and taking a risk but it wasn't good. For me it didn't come across as realistic in any way. From the fact it was presented as a WWE championship match to then be a one on one match with no real explanation apart from Jinder Mahal snatching the title from Orton and not giving it back. Not the best start. Then we get to the PPV and we know it was shot in pitch black yet it was sunny outside at the arena. Trying to make out this was all live didn't help the cause and we get inside the house after Randy Orton is dropped off! The music wasn't needed and the cameras everchanging from cctv type filming to direct camera footage was awkward to watch. It felt like a cheap filmed segment from the syfy channel! I was waiting for Sharknado to come out of the borders and swallow everyone. The wrestling was limited which wasn't Orton or Wyatts fault as what can you do technically inside a house? However we all know a frying pan can do alot of damage!

The fact the match had to end inside the ring made the house pointless to some degree. The crowd that were at the PPV booed it out the building and I'm not surprised. They paid good money to see a live show and they have to watch the big screen like the rest of us something pre taped and not great! The finish inside the ring was lacklustre as Orton who had a shave Inbetween getting from the house to the ring and lost the mark he had on his back was beaten thanks to interference from Mahal and the Singh brothers. It gave Mahal genuine heat and a way of making him look a serious threat but it ruined a rivalry between Orton and Wyatt that at one point had so much potential and a nice build up. The burning of the house was a great segment on Smackdown and for me this type of match would of been best suited for a weekly episode of Smackdown.

I personally would of done a match live that started in the boiler room or a basement inside the arena which could be built up to the ring and hearing the crowd get into the match as they slowly make their way up. A throwback to the attitude era where they had alot of backstage segments and matches. There wasn't much in the way of technical wrestling but you don't expect that. This would of got the crowd involved and been played out a lot better.

The reviews have been mixed throughout the wrestling world. I'm firmly in the corner of it not working. I'm up for trying new ideas and going against the norm as I'm in the opinion that I want to see wrestling but I get its entertainment and you need to cater for the entertainment side of it. The HHH Orton segment where HHH stormed his house and threw him through a window worked brilliantly. I just think the House of horror match was great in principle and on paper but when it came down to it the end product was not pleasant viewing and had me angry on my couch questioning what I was watching!

Anyway rant over but I am excited as I'm watching RAW and Smackdown TV tapings this Monday and Tuesday in London!

Check out my latest podcast at /straightupwrestling as this week we look at Payback and analysis the potential of Backlash.

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