Mahal: New number one contender (I like it!)
Submitted by Ryan Latino on 04/23/2017 at 04:07 PM

I was watching Smackdown this past week minding my own business thinking about the winner of the number one contender match hedging my bets towards Luke Harper then Sami Zayn with Dolph Ziggler a close third. Jinder Mahal was last then wham bam 1,2,3 we have a new number one contender and it's Jinder. I sat there and my first thought was I wasn't expecting that. Then it crossed my mind well at least it's different. Smackdown the land of opportunity and they certainly lived up to that.

The Internet has blown up with alot of negative reaction. Alot has been made of the fact he has been around in WWE for a while and in reality he has been a jobber. Some forget that in most cases when someone new comes into the business they 'job' alot and work their way up the card. Jinder didn't have much experience on the independent scene before signing with WWE. He was very green but brought in to work with Great Khali. I watched those two wrestle a few years ago and Jinder carried Khali on a decent showing. It was an experience watching Khali and not in a good way.

3MB were a great faction and grew in popularity. They were the funny heels that you wanted to win deep down but always got beat.

Jinder has come back with a real determination and had a decent match with Cesaro at the last RAW ppv. He has the 'look' and the body type that Vince is really keen on. He can cut a heel promo slating the USA which will give him instant heat. Alot of people forget he is Canadian but that will bring heat too. The guy can wrestle there is no doubt about it. I don't think he will beat Randy Orton for the title and it will be a short program going into the Summer where I hope it will be Styles vs Orton. However with Jinder it's a new dynamic and let's see how he copes in a WWE main event.

You also have the market in India and they are looking for someone to invest in. There has been a huge gap since Khali left and with the Bollywood Boys you have the potential for a faction which could bring in a lot of opportunity and money in that side of the world.

I'm genuinely intrigued to see where this is going to go and hopefully Jinder can be a top heel in the company. He has all the attributes so let's see what happens as Twitter goes into overdrive with #unhinderjinder

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